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Tank cleaning projects can be a big undertaking, especially if you are not familiar with the equipment needed for the job.

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are the linchpins of energy optimization in industrial settings.

Ultra high-pressure hydro lasting

When most folks talk about high-pressure cleaning, they are generally thinking about the portable pressure washers from the


As an integral part of our benefit as the only resource that our clients need to consult for industrial services, we extend our applications across the entire life cycle of a facility.


The term “recovery boiler cleaning” doesn’t mean very much to people outside the industry.


We’d like to bring two facts about hydro-vacuum excavation to your attention.

Outage Management

Recently, we’ve been using our blog to highlight various stages in our Complete Lifecycle Solutions.


When you are trying to choose between different service providers for a large-scale industrial equipment cleaning need, you probably don’t make your dec

big pump

There is usually more than one way to do a job, and combustion-side boiler cleaning is no exception.


Hydroblasting is a process that uses high pressured water to clean surfaces.


Here at Thompson Industrial Services, we love being able to share success stories with our blog and social media audience.


At Thompson Industrial Services, we have been offering heat exchanger cleaning services based on automated systems for nearly two decades.

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Here at Thompson Industrial Services, we make it a priority to push research forward on cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment.


Ever since FINFOAM became a division of Thompson Industrial Services, it has been a core service and a favorite among our industrial clients.


If you're looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean surfaces, sponge blasting is the way to go.


There are a variety of different types of industrial boilers, but all boilers work i


Regardless of what criteria is utilized to determine when to clean your HRSG, it’s imperative to select the optimum methodology for maximum effectiveness


This HRSG cleaning case study covers the processes and results of a 4-inch reduction in combustion turbine back pressure at a major combined cycle utility station utilizing the proprietary EPIC™ (E


Some of the most powerful client outcomes we have seen here at Thompson Industrial Services, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency, come out of our

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It’s not surprising to anyone that the COVID-19 global pandemic changed things at Thompson Industrial Services.


There is scarcely a person in the United States who didn’t experience quite a number of unusual challenges in 2020.

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At Thompson Industrial Services, people always come first. That’s more than just a nice thing to say; it plays out in real, concrete ways across our entire company–and beyond.


Heat recovery steam generator cleaning, also known as HRSG cleaning, is a common process that significantly increases efficiency and cuts down costs.

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As COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, including business operations, our industries must find a way to overcome the resultant complications.


Press Releases

Thompson Industrial Services Appointed Third Place Award Winner

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, August 17, 2020


COVID-19 has shaken the roots of every conceivable industry, business, and household around the globe. Our economy has suffered while we have been forced to retreat away and indoors.


For more than three decades, Thompson Industrial Services has provided advanced industrial cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services throughout the United States.

Thompson is committed to helping our employees and clients stay safe and healthy during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.


Our world has drastically changed over the last week with the global spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.


People are often surprised to discover how many different industrial services we offer to our clients here at Thompson.


Last month on our blog, we introduced you to our SIF prevention program. “SIF” stands for “serious injury and fatality,” which must be everyone’s number one mission to prevent.


Any company worth working for places a high value on employee safety. In industrial settings, there are multiple serious threats to that safety on a daily basis that must be taken seriously.


In the field of industrial cleaning services, it’s often a question of numbers for the client.

Dry Ice Blasting: A Unique Solution

There are certain cleaning tasks that plant maintenance personnel dreads tackling. An example situation is when residue builds up on equipment and must be removed for work to continue.

Chemical cleaning

It happens more often than you would think: a team of technicians from Thompson Industrial Services arrives at a customer’s site to perform a cleaning task and finds that the equipment in question

Challenging Boiler Tube Cleaning Problems Can be Solved

At Thompson Industrial Services, much of our work is done at large plants and other sizable facilities.

Cryogenic Cleaning Solves Rocky Mineral Buildup Problem

Equipment used in the mining industry faces challenges that we rarely see above ground.

Why We Love Hydroblasting (and You Should Too)

At Thompson Industrial Services, we have a number of different high-tech cleaning methods in our arsenal of solutions: dry ice, chemical, and vacuuming are just a few.

What’s In a Hydroblaster Nozzle?

When you see a technician in an application utilizing high pressure water, it may appear that the process is pretty basic.

Understanding the Potential: Internal Boiler Tube Cleaning Considerations

Boiler tube cleaning of internal components with the use of chemicals is a process that even experienced plant personnel don’t fully understand.

A Slow-Motion Look at Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Slow-motion videography has given us fascinating insights into what actually happens during split-second events.

Deciding How and When to Hydroblast: Behind the Scenes

We all know that it is much easier to make a mess than to clean it up—just ask any kid who has to spend an entire Saturday morning cleaning his room!

Pneumatic- and Hydro-Vacuum Excavation: Damage-free Digging

You’ve probably seen warning signs along the roadway that read “Call before you dig,” along with a phone number.

Water Blasting: What Is It Good For?

Water may be the single most amazing substance on our green planet.

Dry Ice Blasting: Too Good to Be True?

If you tried to imagine a theoretical cleaning solution that could do everything you wanted it to, you might come up with something that looks a lot like dry ice blasting.

How NOT to Accomplish Cryogenic Cleaning Services

It might appear that your dry ice cleaning provider is just coming in with some conventional-looking equipment, spraying a substance on your surfaces and packing up to leave.

Training High Pressure Water Blasters to Become Experts (Part One of Two)

Here’s the goal: Train high pressure water blasting personnel to become experts in their profession such that they’re ready to handle whatever challenges an industrial cleaning client can

Boiler tube

Last month, we got to do one of our favorite things here at Thompson Industrial Services: we served a new customer with our automated industrial cleaning technology.

Training Hydroblasting Experts (Part 2 of 2)

Last month, we introduced you to our Mobile Training Module, an innovative training tool that lets us give hydroblasting trainees experience before they go to work on clients’ equipment.

Heat exchange

For many years, Thompson Industrial Services has been changing the way industrial facilities think about heat exchanger cleaning, boiler cleaning, and other routine industrial services tasks.