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Few can match our commitment to safety and providing a top-quality service experience from start to finish. We offer the broadest line of industrial cleaning services, with specialized equipment, technology and personnel to solve all of your unique challenges.

Our mission is to provide the safest and highest quality industrial cleaning services – with integrity and the relentless pursuit of value for our customers, our teammates and our shareholders.

We are committed to being the safest, highest quality industrial cleaning services provider, which means constantly evolving our capabilities. Our ever-growing line of automated technologies substantially increases safety and productivity especially as we customize each project run by our reliable and experienced personnel. By using remotely controlled equipment, we give our cleaning teams the ability to reach inaccessible areas, clean incredibly quickly, and keep operators out of harm’s way. The advantages of automation cut our client’s downtime and costs by dramatic amounts, and also result in more thorough, precise cleaning than manual approaches are capable of. Our experienced personnel are the most highly skilled in the business, which means you can be at ease when the job is in our hands.

We are your single-source provider for all your industrial cleaning requirements.

Be Safe.

Be Good.

Be Great.


At Thompson, our culture is built on the foundation of our core values – safety, quality and integrity. We put these into action every day through being safe, good and great for each other and for our clients.

  • Be safe: Personally be aware and mitigate hazards, coach and protect others, and get help or stop work whenever needed.

  • Be good: Personally practice the highest ethical behavior, treating yourself, your teammates and others as you want to be treated. Always do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

  • Be great: Personally drive an uncompromising quality delivery, identify opportunities to improve, and challenge the status-quo to drive positive change.

Emergency Response You Can Count On.


Our skilled and professional personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet all of your emergency needs. When you call 800-849-8040 you will always reach a genuine, dedicated Thompson employee and not a machine or answering service. 

Our full-time dispatch personnel are knowledgeable professionals with access to our 19 locations of highly-trained crews, an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and on-demand support services. 

Service is in our name for a great reason – it’s what we do and we do it very well – responsively and with safety top-of-mind.

Safety, quality, & integrity. Our culture is 100% safety focused from top-to-bottom.

Core Values


As a part of our modern, proactive safety culture, we implement the latest technology and safety performance measures and benchmark our productivity utilizing these measures. We have a strong reputation in the industry for safety over our 31 years of existence.

Safety, quality, & integrity. Our culture is 100% safety focused from top-to-bottom with a commitment to automation wherever possible.


We prize high quality work. Thompson holds ourselves to the highest standards of accountability by benchmarking our performance and productivity through performance assessment, estimating and completion reviews, quality assessments, and quantitative performance measures.

We concentrate on the details of the job at hand, while keeping an eye on the big picture and our fit with you as being a contributing part of your business for the long term.


Every job matters. One of our core values is our strong business ethics and integrity. We utilize accountability standards through reporting actual vs benchmark –(per job, month, area).

We utilize quantitative performance measures that safeguard our integrity, including: total cleaning time, personnel ratios, job timing (OT or ST), equipment usage and material usage. The bottom line: We do what we say we will do.

We are committed to being the safest, highest quality industrial cleaning services provider

Memberships & Awards


















Low Country Contractor Safety Council

Tennessee Valley Safety Council

Eastern Tennessee Safety Council

American Safety Council (ASC)

Mid-Atlantic Safety Council (MASC)

Association of Regional Safety Councils (ARSC)

Southwest Louisiana Safety Council (SLSC)

Gulf Coast Safety Council

Houston Area Safety Council


Safety Council of Texas City


Kentucky Chapter of Hazardous Materials Managers (KCHMM)

Tennessee Valley Training Center (TVTC)

Kentuckiana Construction Users Council

Mid-Atlantic Safety Council/TACSC

Mid-Atlantic Safety Council/WACSC

Mid-Atlantic Safety Council/LCCSC

Also a member of the Alliance Safety Council for several locations


Gold safety award winner at various customer work sites

Predictive Solutions Rookie of the Year Award

Best of Sumter Award for Best Local Industry

At Thompson, we are family.

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