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Chemical Cleaning & FINFOAM

Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Fine-tuned by over 340 years of combined, professional experience, we perform every facet of industrial chemical cleaning and maintenance.

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Our highly qualified team of experts use various chemicals to remove unwanted deposits that adversely affect the performance of equipment and the production process. Boiler chemical cleaning is a core competency for our chemical cleaning division.

Each Job is Unique

Our engineers develop a comprehensive plan for each job that defines chemical mixtures, equipment, staffing, ongoing monitoring, and testing.



  • Filtration Units
  • Tank Trailers
  • Electrical and Diesel Pumps
  • Specially Designed Chemical Handling Equipment
  • 100 HP Boiler
  • Heat Exchangers
  • SS Mixing Tanks
  • Mobile Lab Equipped With Atomic Absorption Unit
  • Skid Units Assembled With Heat Exchangers, Filter Housings

Chemical Cleaning & FINFOAM®

Our goal is to minimize your company’s downtime, achieve work safely & cost efficiently.


 Safe & effective way to recuperate lost efficiency

  Can be done without the major disassembly required for mechanical cleaning

  Removes deposits, scale and contaminants that lower efficiency, heat transfer and capacity

Fast, safe methods that control costs

 Minimized waste generation

  Expert dedicated team to engineer your custom solution

 Decades of chemical cleaning & specifically boiler chemical cleaning experience


 Utility, Recovery, & Power Boilers

  Pre-operational Cleaning

  Lube Oil System Flushing

 Cooling Water & Oxygen Systems

 Heat Exchangers

 Tanks, Reactors, & Digesters

 Degreasing, Pickling & Passivation of Piping Systems

 Scale & Product Pipe Cleaning

  Evaporators & Economizers

  Steam Turbines , Superheaters & Surface Condensers

Case Study


A rubber plant needed to remove iron oxide deposits from the large tanks where they store organic compounds used in production.


Our team chose a chemical combination of citric acid, an inhibiting agent, and nitrogen, applied in accordance with specific guidelines, to strip the iron oxide deposits from the tanks without causing any damage to the surface underneath. The team completed the cleaning by neutralizing the acidic residue with an environmentally friendly solution, making the waste safe for processing through the plant’s own treatment facilities. Our team also used automated tools to apply the chemical solution.


By using remotely controlled 3-dimensional tools, we eliminated the need for confined space entry, significantly reducing hazard exposure and accelerating the speed of cleaning. We also reduced the volume of cleaning chemicals required by maintaining a minimal reservoir for the task at hand. The client was thrilled with the cleaned condition of the tanks as well as the cost reductions over previous providers.

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