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Tank Cleaning

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We’ve performed over 200 tank cleanings a year for every unique need including capacity loss, change of product, API inspection, maintenance, repairs and more.

The Petrochem Services Group division has perfected their process to clean every tank as required, even to Methanol specifications.

Our team works with our supplier partners to develop specialty chemical solutions that break down and clean specific products faster, resulting in a safer, more cost-effective result for our clients.

We’ve performed over 200 tank cleanings a year

Degassing + Vapor Control

The state of Texas requires vapor recovery, and the requirements for controlling Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions to the atmosphere are only getting tougher. Hiring the right contractor makes your responsibility to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) easier, and that is our team’s goal.

Thompson’s Petrochem Services Group Division has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to optimally manage your TCEQ permit regulations. We will provide you with a detailed recovery report that exceeds the requirements of the TCEQ and is easily interpreted for your own analysis.

The knowledge, expertise and equipment to optimally manage your TCEQ permit regulations.

Safety Features Of Our Thermal Oxidizers

  Sized detonation arrestors

  High heat level and low heat level alarms + shutdown devices

  On board knock-out pots to control any liquids that may pass through the system

  Roper assist gas-to-air regulators

  Safer, more efficient fully self-contained unit

Experience Applications

  Crude Oil Sludge Removal

  Refined Oils, Fuels, Distillates

  Flammable Liquids

  Corrosive Materials

  Poisonous Products

  Kosher and Food Grade service

  Cleaning for change of service to pass Methanol Wall Wash specifications

  Clean affiliated pipelines to prevent contaminations of future product storage

Safer Faster Turnarounds

Our 15M BTU Thermal Oxidizer will eliminate over 99% of the VOC’s, keeping them from being released to the atmosphere. This unit allows us to perform these operations much faster + more cost effectively than other providers that are typically using 1M BTU ICE units or 3M BTU Thermal Oxidizers.


Each day your tank is out of service can cost thousands, prolong out-of-service durations and increase the chance of missed deadlines. With our Thermal Oxidizers we can have the equipment set up in approximately 1 hour and start processing vapors in 1.5 from the time we receive plant entry and hot work permits.


With every project, we carefully evaluate, identify and mitigate any risks possible and design a site-specific plan. Once on-site we perform daily JSHA’s, and record numerous safety observations to quickly execute changes accordingly, maximizing personnel safety.

We continually invest in the optimum equipment available, plus our team designs and develops our own equipment using the latest advancements to exceed industry standard goals with maximum safety and efficiency.

Learn more about Thompson’s commitment to safety here.

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