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FINFOAM Division Expands Applications for Petrochem and Power Facilities

For years, Thompson Industrial Services has offered FINFOAM, a proprietary cleaning system, to service air-cooled heat exchanger components. This system quickly gained popularity with Thompson’s industrial clients due to not only its cleaning power but also its gentle, damage-free treatment of equipment. Furthermore, FINFOAM is a green technology, presenting no environmental concerns and enabling a very quick cleanup process following a project.


The Roadmap for Automation Leadership at Thompson Industrial Services

While the range of offerings here at Thompson Industrial Services is very broad, encompassing everything from dry ice blasting to safe pneumatic excavation, there is one term that our clients associate with us more than any other: automation. Ever since our company’s founding in 1986, we have made the safety of our employees the number one priority, followed closely by a commitment to give our clients the most effective and most efficient services available from any provider.

Effective HRSG Cleaning with Off-Line EPIC Shockwave Technology

This HRSG case study covers details, observations and the processes resulting in a 4-inch reduction in combustion turbine back pressure at a major combined cycle utility station utilizing the proprietary EPIC™ cleaning system. Backed by 33 years solely in the industrial cleaning business, the service was provided by Thompson Industrial Services, accompanied by PowerPlus Cleaning Systems, inventor of the EPIC technology.

Advanced In-Situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning

Thompson Industrial Services offers advanced in-situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning Technologies that have been proven to increase efficiency, reduce backpressure, help meet EPA regulations by exposing more catalyst surface area for optimal reaction, and extend catalyst life – all without any damage to the catalyst or modules.

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