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Deciding How and When to Hydroblast: Behind the Scenes

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We all know that it is much easier to make a mess than to clean it up—just ask any kid who has to spend an entire Saturday morning cleaning his room! In industrial settings, debris seems to gravitate toward the places where it does the most damage, jeopardizing the safe operation of precision equipment. We often choose to hydroblastthese spots as the quickest, safest, and most effective cleaning job possible. But before our technicians actually begin work, a great deal of planning must be done. Here are a few of the factors we consider when determining how best to serve each hydroblasting client’s needs:#1: Plan the JobOur client needs to know what safety precautions and conditions apply, how long the cleaning will take, how many personnel will be present, and how much it will cost--very often, our clients are very pleasantly surprised at our economical price, due in large part to exceptionally high productivity and efficiency impact of our specialized equipment.#2: Consider the Sub-SurfaceClearly, our technician needs to know if he’s going to hydroblast the deposit or residue from, for example, a cement surface or specific gauges of condenser or heat exchanger tubes. The water pressure he optimally selects depends on the nature of this underlying surface as well as the substance that needs to be removed. Getting this balance wrong could result in either an incomplete cleaning job or, even worse, damage to the equipment that would lead to costly downtime and repairs.#3: Choose an ApplicationOur industrial cleaning expert has a wide variety of hydroblasting tools to choose from. He might use an automated device or, on occasion, a waterblast “shotgun” or lance (equipped with safety devices) with carefully designed tips and nozzles that direct the water flow and pattern in such a way that it removes debris but doesn’t damage the underlying surface.#4: Ensure Client SatisfactionAfter the hydroblast process is complete, we make sure that the client is fully satisfied with the results. After that, it’s on to the next industrial cleaning job—perhaps yours! Call us to set up a meeting and discuss your facility’s needs.


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