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Thompson Industrial Services Is Your Trusted Coronavirus Disinfection Partner

Thompson is committed to helping our employees and clients stay safe and healthy during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. One key action your organization can take is partnering with a sanitizing/disinfecting services company for your facility to keep your people as safe and protected as possible.

What does Thompson Industrial do for Coronavirus cleaning?

When you partner with Thompson, you’ll have the safety and security of a fully trained response team helping you combat and slow the current COVID-19 threat through proper Coronavirus cleaningdisinfecting/sanitizing and decontamination services specifically regulated for this pandemic. We are also able to assist with disposal of any related biohazardous material as may be applicable.

Thompson only utilizes EPA-registered disinfectant products that have been qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The product can be fogged, misted or sprayed to thoroughly disinfect all touchable spaces by Thompson’s trained professionals.

This video demonstrates the thorough fogging method of cleaning and disinfecting of possibly contaminated areas that have been exposed to Coronavirus in your office.

Thompson offers customized levels of Corona cleaning and disinfecting

At Thompson Industrial, we understand that this pandemic has affected businesses in many ways, including income and budgeting. To address both the financial and the exposure elements of workplace cleaning and disinfecting, we are offering several levels of treatment.

Level 1: Client-specific reserved standby crew and resources

Affordable plans designed to guarantee response time with dedicated disinfection personnel and necessary resources.

Level 2: Precautionary

Ideal for industries and businesses with no known contamination that are seeking to maintain safe and sanitary environments for employees and visitors. Daily disinfection can be performed anytime including during off-hours to avoid production or business interruptions.

Level 3: Possible Exposure

Industrial, business or public work spaces with suspected exposure (i.e. a possibly infected person has been in the proximity) and requires detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep-clean decontamination.

Level 4: Confirmed Exposure

Industrial, businesses or public work spaces with confirmed exposure to COVID-19 requires customized protocols specific to the site to ensure thorough and proper decontamination. TIS will work with client to develop a custom service that protects the health of their employees, visitors and others to mitigate impact to the operations or facility.

Whichever service level you require, our response team is trained and equipped to help you combat further spread and cross-contamination of the virus.

Call us today at 800-849-8040 to implement this crucial piece of your Pandemic Emergency Plan. Coronavirus Disinfecting Services


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