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Dry Ice Blasting: Too Good to Be True?

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Dry Ice Blasting: Too Good to Be True?

If you tried to imagine a theoretical cleaning solution that could do everything you wanted it to, you might come up with something that looks a lot like dry ice blasting. That’s a lofty claim, but the more we work with dry ice, the more impressed we are with its capabilities. Take a moment to learn about some of the key advantages of this process, and we think you’ll agree! No Moisture The term “dry ice blasting” can be a little confusing. It doesn’t use frozen water, which we normally think of as ice; it’s actually carbon dioxide in solid form. However, as it is used in cleaning, it evaporates instantly when it makes contact with the air. There is no moisture created to damage electrical components, so calling it “dry” actually does convey one of its most valuable qualities. No Residue Using sand or other abrasives is also a “dry” cleaning technique, but leaves tiny particles that must themselves be cleaned up before work can resume. The residual abrasive particles can also become embedded into bearings or other moving parts and cause severe erosion or damage from friction. Because dry ice blasting employs a non-abrasive micro pellet that virtually instantly evaporates (“sublimates”) into a gas, it doesn’t leave any residue at all. No residue also means no pollutants. Your facility doesn’t need to worry about how a dry ice cleaning job might contaminate the ecosystem or require additional cleanup to comply with environmental safety rules. No Downtime We invariably see facility managers’ ears perk up when we mention this benefit. In many cases, because dry ice blasting is so gentle for equipment yet so effective as a cleaner, the operation’s process doesn’t even need to shut down while we are cleaning it. Our technicians simply come in, perform a thorough and safe cleaning job and pack up, all with minimal interruption to the process.We hope you’ve seen that dry ice blasting is one of the most helpful cleaning solutions that science has provided us with. Call us today to ask us about your facility’s cleaning needs.


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