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Hydroblast, Vacuum & Big Pump

Automated Hydroblasting

Our nearly hands-free water jet technology yields better cleaning results, and significantly decreases safety concerns.

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Increase Efficiency

Automated water blasting can reduce the number of workers needed to complete a job and cut overall project time in more than half. Because there is no need for confined space entry, and operators are kept clear of hazards, our 3-D tools and positioners clean tanks and vessels even more effectively than shotgun cleaning.

New Automated Solutions

Operators can manipulate 2 or 3 flex hoses at the same time by remote, and our track-lancing equipment offers the same safety and precision for 12K, 20K, and 40K applications. Our automated technology also allows for remote shotgunning and pipe cleaning with rotary jetting tools.

We are constantly improving safety and efficiency and automating wherever possible.


  Safe, Thorough Cleaning

  Reduced Project Time

  Decreased Number of Workers Needed

  Decreased Exposure to Hazards

  Reduced Project Cost


 Heat Exchangers

 Process Tubing & Piping

 Power Boilers


 Surface Prep for Tanks and Concrete

 Recovery Boilers


 Dissolving Tanks

 Surface Condensers



Case Study


A major paper mill in Georgia had plugged tubes in the 1st and 2nd effect evaporators. The evaporators contain about 2,000 tubes each. 50-60% of the tubes in 1st effect were plugged, and 20% of the tubes in 2nd effect were plugged. The facility pulls the top off of these during the outage, but they still had previously required confined space entry to clean them manually. This job used to take 3 times as long at 130 hours, 14 men and 2 hydroblasting pumps.



Using automated hydroblasting, Thompson eliminated the need for confined space entry, and our team was able to clean the evaporator safely and extremely thoroughly in just 40 hours with 8 men and 1 pump.


This method saved 90 hours – 70% faster, resulting in around $60,000 in savings for the mill in addition to saving operators from any unnecessary risk.

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