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Ultra High-Pressure Hydroblasting Cleans Up at Thompson Industrial

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Ultra high-pressure hydro lasting

When most folks talk about high-pressure cleaning, they are generally thinking about the portable pressure washers from the local home and garden supply store. They imagine the little guys that blast out water at about 5,000 psi max and are good for removing grime on the outside of a building or sidewalk.


Thompson Industrial Services offers that concept on a much grander scale with its ultra-high-pressure cleaning services for industrial purposes.

Our highly customized and automated systems utilize water pressure up to 40,000 psi for safe and effective cleaning, surface prep, cutting, and demolition. The energy generated by our ultra-high-pressure water jet exceeds the bonding energy of even the most adherent scales, coatings, or process contamination.

In less technical terms, that means the water blasts out of the nozzle so fast that it knocks off and cleans even the most stubborn of stuck-on debris. In fact, when needed, it can even cut through most materials!

Most importantly, UHP water blasting with Thompson Industrial Services reduces downtime, and improves safety performance.

The problem: Efficiency Challenge at a Soybean Oil Mill

We recently worked with a Soybean Oil Mill that had been trying since the plant’s purchase to increase efficiency but with no success. The plant had a total of 224 condenser tubes, but they were only using about 20% of that amount due to build-up.

Before working with Thompson Industrial Services, they had tried drilling the area themselves and using other contractors who tried less effective blasting techniques. The mill was finally a step away from taking the entire unit offline and replacing the clogged group of tubes when they reached out to us.

We are so glad they did!

The solution: Implementing 40K Ultra High-Pressure Blasting for Effective Cleaning

We evaluated the situation and decided that 40K ultra high-pressure blasting was the best route to take. Our team arrived at site and went to work.

The first night of work alone, our team was able to clean 11 out of the 17 rows in a 12-hour shift, which extremely quick, efficient work. They finished the remainder of the rows the next night, broke down, and were offsite in 10 hrs.

While we pride ourselves on high quality work on every project, even we had to admit that this job was nothing short of amazing. We were able to help this plant get back online at 100% with very little downtime and significant cost savings. Anyone who has faced the issue knows that replacing that much tubing isn’t cheap.

Client Testimonial: Highlighting Results and Satisfaction

One thing that sets Thompson Industrial Services apart from the rest is our quality assurance. We keep constant contact with our customers all the way through each job. Communication is vital in situations that can affect production and downtime.

When we called to follow up with the customer and his satisfaction with our work, he could not thank us enough for the service we performed. The Maintenance and Plant Manager told us, "This will be the first time in the plant’s history that we will start up from an outage with this particular unit being 100% cleaned and operational." He also commended Thompson on the professionalism and work ethic of everyone involved on the job.

He ended his positive review of the job by telling us that we could and should use him any time we need a reference for our automation capabilities.

Concluding Remarks: Acknowledging Team Effort and Client Partnership

We took some time in-house to recognize the team members involved in this truly incredible job because we want them to know just how much we value each one of them and the commitment they have to Thompson Industrial.

Without a team like the one we have, we couldn’t consistently do the work we do.

We value our customers just as much, too. We look forward to working with new and repeat customers on jobs that challenge us to improve our systems and find creative ways to solve tough problems.

Contact us today to see if ultra high-pressure hydroblasting is for you, whether it’s cleaning, cutting, prepping, or demolishing. Our specially designed equipment, automated tooling, and a vast number of different nozzle configurations increase the ways we can tackle your needs.

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