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Pulp & Paper

We provide custom designed and effective hydroblasting, vacuuming, chemical cleaning and other services with highly productive automated capabilities tailored for the challenges encountered in this industry 24/7 by our highly talented crews.

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Thompson has been committed for decades to providing the pulp and paper industry with the safest, most efficient and productive solutions possible to effectively reduce costs and maximize up-time during both critical outages and routine tasks and projects. We are renowned for our “Ultra High-Volume Pump” division’s fast and thorough recovery boiler cleaning. Our Ultra High-Volume Technology utilizes up to 2250Hp pumps capable of up to 1,200 GPM at 10,000 PSI. Combine this with our Automated tracking systems and you are sure to reduce your recovery boiler cleaning durations.

We believe in world-class equipment and personnel, and have teams dedicated specifically to automated hydroblasting, outage management and chemical cleaning to provide the safe, efficient, cost-effective services that minimize our client’s downtime.

We believe in world-class equipment and personnel


  • Recovery boilers (smelt beds, upper furnace, etc.)
  • Dissolving tanks
  • Power boilers including BOP equipment
  • ID & FD fan blades utilizing specialty technique
  • Liquor lines – chemically and high pressure water with automation
  • Precipitators
  • Scrubbers
  • Bleach plant equipment
  • Pulp mill equipment
  • Tanks – to 10+M gallons
  • Kamyr & Batch Digesters – chemically and high pressure with automation
  • Evaporators & Condensers – chemically and high pressure with automation
  • Drains and sumps
  • Wood yard conveying systems and equipment

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