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We’ve developed a strong reputation for superior safety practices and we offer one of the best training programs in the industry.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety Vision

Continuously evolve a superior safety culture using leading indicators to proactively reduce incidents and manage risk.

Core Values

Safety, quality, and integrity. Our culture is 100% safety focused from the top to bottom with a commitment to automation whenever possible.

Culture: Be Safe. Be Good. Be Great.

At Thompson, our culture is built on the foundation of our core values – safety, quality, and integrity. We put these into action every day through being safe, good, and great for each other and for our clients.


Personally be aware and mitigate hazards, coach and protect others, and get help or stop work whenever needed.


Personally practice the highest ethical behavior, treating yourself, your teammates, and others as you want to be treated. Always do the right thing regardless of the consequences.


Personally drive an uncompromising quality delivery, identify opportunities to improve, and challenge the status-quo to drive positive change.

Safety Suit | Thompson

Mobile Training Module

Thompson Industrial Services “Mobile Training Module” was recognized as one of the “Twenty Five Top Pioneering Achievements” in our industry.

Featured in Cleaner

Our innovative, state-of-the-art safety training has been a cover story in Cleaner magazine.

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Safety, quality, & integrity.

Highly Advanced Safety Observations Program

At Thompson Industrial Services we are constantly improving our safety culture using leading indicators to proactively reduce incidents and manage risk. We want to demonstrate commitment to our core values of Safety, Integrity & Quality by utilizing more consistent methods to collect data and provide analyses in order to make better business decisions.

Over the last few years, we have implemented the SafetyNet tool used by all field employees and management to “find, fix, and report” both the good and bad. SafetyNet’s predictive model helps us identify our most risky jobs by work type, sites, and teammates so we can allocate our leadership and safety resources to mitigate risk. We can reduce injuries by anticipating the next most likely incident by focusing our efforts on modifying the environment and coaching desired behaviors.

All employees on a job site can input data via mobile in real time. All data from every job site is collected for trend analysis, and a severity report is generated. Findings of high enough severity trigger immediate email alerts to all safety professionals and the responsible leadership. That way, we are able to facilitate critical communication across the company to quickly correct safety issues.

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Safety Promises

  • Employ top safety experts.
  • Maintain the integrity of the company’s safety program.
  • Safety incentive programs in place to keep safety “top-of-mind” everyday.
  • Regular safety meetings including job hazard analysis and audits.
  • Maintain all certifications.
  • Extensive and specialized training exceeding OSHA industry standard.
  • Proactive safety audit system focusing on hazard recognition and elimination.

New Hire Training

New hires complete a minimum of 40 hours of training including:

  • Supervisor Boot Camp
  • A 10 hour OSHA Card in General Industry – taught by an OSHA Instructor
  • Hands-On Aptitude Training
  • Full Classroom Safety and Job Skills Training

Safe Driving

In addition to our safety observation program we use a driver monitoring system, GeoTab, to monitor, track and manage safe and unsafe driving behaviors.


Safety Geotab | Thompson

Thompson uses leading indicators to proactively reduce incidents and manage risk.

Training Programs

All training programs were developed under the auspices of a Certified Instructional Technologist (CIT) and include both knowledge-based components and skills based components.


Safety Classroom | Thompson


Waterblast & Vacuum Safety Training

Employees also receive both classroom and hands-on training in Waterblast and Vacuum Safety in the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) Recommended Practices, by a trainer who is a member of the WJTA Safety Committee. Hands-on skills are taught through individual instruction on the Mobile Training Module.

Advanced Schools at Each Field Position

We maintain advanced schools at each field position: a two-day Advanced Technician class, a two-day Operator Skills class and a four-day Crew Leader Boot Camp. Our personnel are masters of their craft before they work on your site.


Select personnel are trained in HAZWOPER to the 24-hour Technician Level for challenging situations beyond the scope of ‘normal’ industrial services.

Defensive Driver Training

All Drivers in the company are required to take Defensive Driver Training provided by the National Safety Council.

At Thompson, we are family.

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