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Need to Know: Big Pump Recovery Boiler Cleaning

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The term “recovery boiler cleaning” doesn’t mean very much to people outside the industry. In fact, the average person thinks of boilers themselves as antiquated home heating systems, rather than the essential industrial equipment that they are in so much different manufacturing, power generation, and other plants. But for our clients in those industries, a company that can accomplish recovery boiler cleaning safely, quickly, and completely is a company worth having a long-term close relationship with!

That’s why we at Thompson Industrial Services have been an important partner for plants around the United States, and particularly in the Southeast, for over three decades.

Here’s what you need to know about our recovery boiler cleaning services, powered in large part by our “Big Pump” technology


  1. What’s a Big Pump? 
  2. Advantages of Automation for Boiler Cleaning
  3. A Recent Success Story 
  4. Power of Customization