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Sponge Blasting

Thompson’s specialty sponge media abrasive blasting is a safe, dry, low-dust method for cleaning, coating removal and optional profiling – frequently as a highly beneficial alternative to more dangerously or environmentally unattractive traditional methods.

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An excellent alternative and beneficial option to traditional methods such as hydroblasting, sand blasting or even ice blasting can often times be accomplished with Thompson’s specialty technique utilizing safe, synthetic sponge media imbedded with micro-abrasive particles. Our sponge blasting can be utilized for pre-commissioning or operational cleaning, surface preparation and – optionally but simultaneously – profiling to stringent SSPC standards This exceptionally low-dust and low rebound (ricochet) technology is a safe, dry relatively low pressure (~70-100 PSI) process that improves coverage efficiency, productivity and reduces maintenance costs while protecting the workplace and the environment. It can also be recycled for effective re-use typically 6 to 10 times, decreasing cost and dramatically reducing disposal charges for a “greener” footprint vs traditional methods like sand blasting.

Our sponge blasting process actually reduces dust levels as much as 98% compared to ordinary abrasives, which allows blasting near other trades and sensitive equipment, often times while in remaining in service. This not only reduces downtime and enhances safety, but the increased visibility and resulting industry-leading surface cleanliness assure long-lasting coating life and asset preservation.

Abrasive Details

  • Any of 20+ different micro-abrasive types and grit sizes can be imbedded in the media
  • 0-150 micron (0-6+mil) profile options
  • Can be provided to safely remove deposits from the range of ultra-soft surfaces without damage to the substrate to profiling for superior coating adhesion
  • Unique synthetic foam and engineered abrasives provides optimum angular profile


Why Sponge Blasting Over Conventional Abrasive Methods

Conventional abrasives absorb little rebound energy, generating a greater rebound (a fact that generates risks to the operator), necessitating isolation of a larger area due to the need to contain the abrasive, but using sponge media dramatically reduces the containment required. Compound this advantage with its recyclability and extraordinary versatility with over 20 variations of micro-abrasives, it can be an ideal alternative to conventional means.

Extends coating life & reduces future maintenance/downtime.


  100% Dry method

  Reduced dust levels as much as 98% compared to ordinary abrasives

  Blast near sensitive equipment and active electrical components

  Blast near other trades

  Eliminate water, slurry or runoff problems

  Profile up to 125 microns

  Recyclable 5-10+ times – reducing transportation & disposal costs

  Extends new coating life & reduces future maintenance/downtime

  Increases equipment reliability (such as rotating equipment & compressors)

  Improved workplace health and safety

  Free of chemical risks and generation of effluents



  • Machine cleaning
  • Parts refurbishment
  • Interior and exterior wall
  • Exterior and interior pipe cleaning

 Industrial Coating Maintenance

  • Railcars and mass-transportation
  • Water and waste-water plants
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Power plants
  • Marine vessels
  • Food processing
  • Pulp and paper mills

  Decontamination – Nuclear power generation

  • Low-level decontamination
  • Steam generator parts and tools
  • Stainless steel turbines
  • Reactor coolant piping
  • Turbine Rotors

Improved workplace health and safety.

Before & After

Turbine Before

Before Sponge Blasting & After Chemical Cleaning

Before Not Blasted

Turbine After

After Sponge Blasting – Achieved the maximum degree of cleaning: HS 3

After Blasting with Rotating Device

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