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Reopen Safely with Thompson Industrial Services Commercial Disinfection

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For more than three decades, Thompson Industrial Services has provided advanced industrial cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services throughout the United States. We share in your commitment to health and safety, especially during serious viral outbreaks, like COVID-19.

In response to the new CDC and OSHA guidelines specifically related to Opening Up America Again, we have developed new, customized lines of Commercial Disinfection and Industrial Disinfection services.

Partner with Thompson Industrial Services today to ensure peace of mind with a safer, cleaner environment for returning employees and customers.

What sets Thompson Industrial Services apart from other COVID cleaning companies?

Our highly trained teams follow CDC and OSHA guidelines as your trusted disinfection partner in creating a safer, cleaner environment for returning employees and customers. In fact, we’ve developed new, COVID-specific training programs that prepare our employees to work in potentially dangerous, COVID-exposed areas with minimal risk and maximum results. The CDC recently published Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes that we used as an anchor in developing our training, as well as our various levels of cleaning and disinfecting services.

What do the new commercial and industrial disinfection service plans include?

While safety and budgets have always been forefront in priorities at most businesses and facilities, they are bigger concerns than ever before going into these national reopening phases. As a local business with national reach ourselves, we understand the impact of large-scale changes on operations and staffing.

That’s why we provide the following tailored solutions to serve all of our clients’ varying budgets and levels of service needs.

Commercial Disinfection:

This plan offers customized scheduling on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis including a thorough wipe down of all hard surfaces using a CDC-approved bleach solution certified to kill bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus). The CDC’s reopening procedures emphasizes that it is crucial to have a disinfecting plan when you reopen for business. This includes determining the level and frequency of service and revising this plan as the pandemic circumstances in your area continue to change.

Partnering with Thompson allows you to take the guesswork out of establishing a disinfecting plan and keeping it up-to-date with the changing environment and your unique business needs.

Add on services include vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and on-site waste removal compliant with regulatory agencies.

Industrial Disinfection:

If your building has a positive COVID-19 case or your facility is a large industrial space, then our industrial/emergency response disinfection service is your ideal option. Our pathogen-trained response team is prepared to help you combat the current COVID-19 threat through proper disinfecting/sanitizing services, including using EPA-registered products qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19. According to the CDC, “Each product has been shown to be effective against viruses that are harder to kill than viruses like the one that causes COVID-19.” Thompson Industrial services uses these products in innovative ways that can be applied by fog, mist foam or spray to disinfect all touchable surfaces, including all door handles, computer monitors, keyboards, desks, desk chairs, public seating areas, handrails, copiers, and printers, production equipment, touch screens, etc. The fog and mist spray is ideal if your facility has hard-to-reach areas or large open spaces requiring disinfection.

Additionally, our procedures are consistent with CDC and OSHA guidelines and also include proper packaging and disposal of waste in compliance with regulatory agencies.

If you aren’t sure which level of service you need, check out the table below, use this form to answer a few quick questions to receive more information, or call us at 803-934-0138. We are happy to help you choose the option that will serve you best.


Thompson Industrial Services offers flexible-term contract commitments

We understand that each facility and workplace is different and therefore requires different levels of cleaning, disinfecting, and janitorial services, as well as varying/flexible schedules that optimize safety while minimizing downtime.

Our service options are fully customizable and include:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly services.
  • Flexible-term contract commitments to suit your needs, including
    • monthly
    • quarterly
    • semi-annual
    • annual

As always, we will continue to offer emergency response for buildings and facilities with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases.

Who does Thompson Industrial Services provide industrial and commercial cleaning services to?

We have always served a wide variety of industries, including pulp and paper; power generation; metals, alloys, and mining; oil and gas, and many others. However, the current pandemic doesn’t choose markets. In addition to industrial facilities, we are now offering our commercial and industrial cleaning and disinfecting services to

  • office buildings
  • churches
  • gyms
  • retail spaces
  • restaurants
  • banks and financial offices
  • hardware businesses
  • postal and shipping
  • automotive
  • warehouses
  • government/military
  • daycares
  • schools and universities
  • and lots more

This list is certainly not exhaustive. If you have employees or customers and want to keep them safe and healthy, we have options that will serve your needs.

Thompson Industrial Services is your COVID-19 disinfection services partner

In its guidelines for reopening, the CDC included a Disinfection Decision Tool to aid businesses and facilities in determining what surfaces to clean and disinfect, as well as how often to do so. It’s a great tool to keep on hand, but the decision to partner with Thompson Industrial Services is the easier one to make. Take the guesswork out of what you need to do, and let us take care of the myriad of other decisions for you.

When it comes to keeping your facility running smoothly and safely, Thompson Industrial Services is the most effective, efficient option available. We put your priorities and schedule first, and we strive to decrease or avoid downtime all together. We have trained our staff over the years to provide service according to our core values: safety, quality, and integrity. This means you will see safe, thorough results with detailed reporting of quantitative performance measures. These measures are crucial when the health of your team and your customers is on the line.

Call us today at 803-934-0134 to implement this ongoing piece of your Pandemic Reopening Plan.


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