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A Few Surprising Facts about Hydro Vacuum Excavation

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We’d like to bring two facts about hydro-vacuum excavationto your attention. These two facts tell you almost everything you need to know about why you might choose this non-destructive excavation technique over your other possible options that use “yellow iron” mechanical digging. Your first reaction to these facts will probably be surprise, but we promise you they’re true!   1. Our Method of Vacuum-Excavation Services Have Never Caused Infrastructure or Utility Damage.


 There are very few “universal statements” that are accurate, but we can tell you proudly that in our many years of providing  vacuum-excavation services, we have never cut an electrical line, damaged a main, broken a pipe, breached an electrical line or conduit,or otherwise disturbed a subsurface utility. That claim gives you a good idea of just how non-intrusive this “soft digging” method is on buried utilities, one of the most critical considerations when you are preparing to excavate.  2. Our Hydro-Vacuum Excavation Teams Almost Always Discover Unknown Utilities.


 Our technicians have come to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to utilities under the surface. Almost every time they excavate, they discover utilities of some kind that would have been at serious risk if traditional heavy machinery were being used for the job. We haven’t added up the total estimated repair costs that we have saved our clients, but that number increases with almost every job! On a job in a nuclear plant, for example, we uncovered a unknown fiber optics cable that ran to the central control room It would have shut down the 800 megawatt units for days if it had been severed.   Play it Safe—Choose Vacuum Excavation Services.


The statistics suggest that if you are planning an excavation project in an area without absolutely reliable and verifiable records of sub-surface utilities, then a vacuum excavation is your best and safest choice. Besides its incredible track record of detecting utilities without damaging or even disturbing them, this alternate digging method is quick, clean, and very cost-effective. Our specialists look forward to telling you more about our excavation methods, which also include pneumatic (dry vacuum) digging when hydro-vacuum excavation is not the best fit.


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