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Pre-Commissioning Cleaning

Event Maintenance, Outages + TARs

Thompson’s professional, experienced and highly talented Project & Outage Management Team ensures a safe, well-executed, cost-controlled and organized job with optimal results.

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The Outage and Project Management Team

Thompson takes pride in offering the safest and most productive service possible, saving clients time, money and unneeded risk. Having the advanced automation equipment and highly skilled teams are two of three crucial components to achieving that goal. The third component is providing seamless execution through an organized plan and follow-through.

Saving Our Customers Valuable Time

Thompson developed the Outage (and Project) Management Team when we saw an opportunity to maximize efficiency and resource allocation for our clients. This team is comprised of seasoned industrial cleaning experts with over 75 years of combined industrial cleaning experience. The team ensures a safe, well-executed, cost-controlled project or shutdown with optimal results.

The OMT plans, organizes, motivates and controls resources, procedures and protocols to achieve all project goals. The primary challenge is to meet or exceed clients’ objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints of scope, time, quality and budget. They combine extensive pre-planning, on-site execution, daily reporting and post-project review.

The best part about the OMT is their drive to constantly improve efficiencies time after time.

The Outage Management Process

Having experienced industrial supervisors that can accurately forecast job durations and contracted resource allocation is paramount in developing a successful plan of execution for a project or shut down.

Thompson has proved that we can save our clients both time and money while providing a safe and high quality job via the following process:

  • The team maximizes efficiency and productivity through upfront planning and scheduling of very outage/project They have extensive experience and historical data to help project and forecast job durations and identify opportunities to optimize schedules and minimize the resources needed.
  • They track and report valuable scheduling and cost-analysis back to the client on a daily basis
  • They ensure daily effective communication of all activities and will secure approval and specific changes before surpassing any PO amount.
  • They perform a comprehensive post-outage review to provide the client a detailed analysis and recommendations for even further improvement.

We continue to find new ways to save our customers time and money on every outage or shut down regardless of how many times we have been involved in previous planning.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Thompson Industrial Services is your single-source solution provider for all your outage and turnaround industrial cleaning needs. From automated hydroblasting and vacuuming, to chemical cleaning, specialty synthetic media blasting, tank cleaning, UHP cleaning and cutting and everything in between, Thompson’s got you covered.

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