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5 min read

Increase Production for Heat Exchanger Cleaning with FINFOAM®

FINFOAM® safely & thoroughly cleans fin-tube units for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Let's dive into the details of...

5 min read

The Benefits and Risks of Dry Ice Cleaning

Here at Thompson Industrial Services, we make it a priority to push research forward on cleaning solutions that are...

5 min read

Chemical Cleaning and Bin Whipping

Here at Thompson Industrial Services, we love being able to share success stories with our blog and social media...

5 min read

3 Features of the Thompson Industrial Heat Exchanger Cleaning Solutions

At Thompson Industrial Services, we have been offering heat exchanger cleaning services based on automated systems for...

3 min read

FINFOAM Shines in New Application for Petrochemical Plants

Ever since FINFOAM became a division of Thompson Industrial Services, it has been a core service and a favorite among...

5 min read

Why Sponge Blasting Blows Away Other Cleaning Methods

If you're looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean surfaces, sponge blasting is the way to...

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