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3 min read

Pneumatic and Hydro Vacuum “Safe Dig” Excavation During Construction Phase

As an integral part of our benefit as the only resource that our clients need to consult for industrial services, we...

3 min read

Need to Know: Big Pump Recovery Boiler Cleaning

The term “recovery boiler cleaning” doesn’t mean very much to people outside the industry. In fact, the average person...

2 min read

A Few Surprising Facts about Hydro Vacuum Excavation

We’d like to bring two facts about hydro-vacuum excavation to your attention.

These two facts tell you almost...

3 min read

Outage Management: Three Success Stories

Recently, we’ve been using our blog to highlight various stages in our Complete Lifecycle Solutions. These solutions...

2 min read

Boiler Chemical Cleaning at Lightning Speed

One of our favorite experiences at Thompson Industrial Services is seeing the reactions of our clients when we explain...

3 min read

Boiler Tube Cleaning and Other Chemical Solutions

One of the biggest divisions here at Thompson Industrial Services is our chemical cleaning division. There are so many...

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