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Our Industrial Services: Variety and Power

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People are often surprised to discover how many different industrial services we offer to our clients here at Thompson. A look through our website will show just how broad our spectrum of services is, ranging from safe excavation in preparation for construction projects to decommissioning entire plants.

How can one company do all of these things well? Each of our divisions focuses on their area of expertise, continually pushing themselves to be better. That means developing new technologies, streamlining processes, and applying practical experience and knowledge to improve every day. Here are four “spotlights” on a few of our most important applications and how they benefit our clients.

  1. Hydroblasting

Hydroblasting is the most flexible method that our teams of technicians employ. We can accomplish safe boiler tube cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning services with hydroblasters, as well as more complex actions such as hydrolazing (or “hydro-cutting”) using ultra-high pressure equipment. Thompson Industrial Services has transformed its hydroblasting service by adding automated and remotely controlled positioning to its methodology. This approach keeps employees safe and drastically accelerates the pace at which hydroblasting and hydrolazing solutions can proceed.

  1. Sponge Blasting

Our sponge blasting application is most notable for its gentle treatment of nearly all substrates. Because our technicians can adapt the abrasives used in this method with great precision, they can create a cleaning solution to perfectly match the needs of the specific equipment or substrate that they are called upon to service. Our sponge blasting technique, based on a synthetic sponge media, is a green cleaning system and poses no risk to the environment. In addition, the sponge media is recyclable, often able to be used as many as 10 times.

Thompson Industrial Services’ sponge blasting method is ideal for removing dust, particularly in environments where there is a sensitivity to moisture and heat, or where nearby equipment may be damaged by traditional abrasives. Containment procedures and risk to operators are also much lower with sponge blasting than with competing abrasives, which have a much greater rebound in comparison.

  1. Chemical Cleaning

Pickling, passivation, and other chemical solutions are core competencies for Thompson Industrial Services. We have decades of combined experience in our chemical cleaning division, combined with our company-wide commitment to put safety first in every task, giving our clients confidence that their equipment is in good hands. We conserve time during pre-commissioning and maintenance outages alike by utilizing our mobile labs to mix chemical solutions on site.


Our technicians are competent, experienced, and intensely safety-conscious.

 The depth of understanding within our chemical cleaning division concerning the needs of production line equipment is an enormous asset for our pre-commissioning clients. Our technicians know the risks, both short-term and long-term, of failing to adequately prepare metal surfaces for operation. They also know the best practices for passivating and/or pickling those surfaces, using the right chemicals and mixtures in the right proportions. Finally, our teams do everything possible to protect the surrounding environment from contamination, collecting all debris, chemical runoff, and waste water for safe disposal.

  1. Customizable Applications

Some of the most dramatic success stories at Thompson Industrial Services involve problems that our clients believed—or were told by other service providers—were impossible to solve. Often these problems involve confined entry, irregularly shaped or positioned equipment, and/or environments that are too hazardous for a human technician to enter.

Our applications, many of which are automated and require no manual operation by human technicians, allow us to get hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, and other equipment into these hazardous or confined areas safely and complete the required maintenance.

In the archives of our blog and scattered across the service pages of our website, you will find story after story of facilities that had gone for years or even decades without cleaning essential equipment, due to logistical challenges and prohibitive costs. When Thompson Industrial Services finally arrived at the site, our teams were able to use our proprietary equipment and methods to complete the project quickly and successfully.

Whatever your industrial services needs are, get in touch with your regional Thompson Industrial Services office. We’ll get an expert team to your site and let you know how we can help.


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