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Training Hydroblasting Experts (Part 2 of 2)

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Training Hydroblasting Experts (Part 2 of 2)

Last month, we introduced you to our Mobile Training Module, an innovative training tool that lets us give hydroblasting trainees experience before they go to work on clients’ equipment. Potentially hazardous,sensitive, and complex tasks can be closely simulated by the module, which is mounted on a tractor-trailer body. Today, we’ll explain some of the specific advantages that our company has gained by using this great training tool.
 Simulating Particularly Challenging Jobs Before Going to our Client’s Job Site When our industrial cleaning technicians are facing an unusual or particularly challenging job, we go to the training module for test execution before heading to the actual job site. The technicians can then set up a simulation of the cleaning job and practice before working on the client’s facility. This approach is extremely valuable for identifying potential dangers and taking the appropriate countermeasures rather than being surprised by them. Giving Managers the Technician’s Viewpoint We believe a manager can lead his employees more effectively when he thoroughly understands the conditions they face. Thus our managers enter the training module, conduct mock hydroblasting jobs, and experience industrial cleaning conditions firsthand. In addition, every 1 to 2 years all of our Operations, General Managers and Superintendents attend a “Boot Camp” for a refresher course and testing to review everything from the basics of hydroblasting to how to repack the high pressure pump. The old adage “you can’t manage it if you can’t do it” comes in very handy in our business. Training Highly Skilled Hydroblasting Teams In building our mobile training module, we eliminated a serious problem that we had observed in the typical training pattern. After a technician had completed his classroom training, he might participate in his first industrial cleaning job, only to be relegated to the status of observer as the more experienced technicians did the actual work. This situation was discouraging to beginning technicians, but sometimes necessary in order to protect clients’ equipment and get the job done on time. With the help of our module, we can now ensure that every technician is prepared to fully participate, even on his first real-life cleaning job. 


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