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Hydroblast, Vacuum & Big Pump

Ultra High-Pressure Hydroblasting & Cutting

Our highly customized and automated systems utilize water pressure up to 40,000 psi for safe effective cleaning, surface prep, cutting and demolition.

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Benefits of Ultra High-Pressure Hydroblasting

The dynamics of high-speed, pulsating water from ultra high-pressure hydroblasting produce incredible benefits for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and cutting applications. The energy generated by the USP water jet exceeds the bonding energy of even the most adherent scales, coatings, or process contamination.

Our metal cutting system uses the same technology and provides an extremely safe, cold cut alternative to conventional oxyacetylene cutting methods.

Reduce Your Downtime

Specially designed equipment, automated tooling, and a vast number of different nozzle configurations increase the ways you benefit. UHP water blasting reduces downtime, and improves safety performance. You will get the ultimate in reduced downtime and improved safety and precision. We engineer a custom job design with experienced employees and specialty automated equipment.

We also provide the responsiveness you need with minimized travel time. Our teams and equipment are highly mobile and available throughout our vast geographical service area.

Unmatched expertise and experience.


Ultra High-Pressure Hydroblasting CUTTING Applications

  • Doorsheets & Manways
  • Pipe & Rebar
  • Process lines and reactors
  • Tank, pipe & concrete demolition
  • Exchangers
  • Columns & Smoke stacks
  • Holes/Manways in concrete tanks
  • Safe and automated cutting in low LEL explosive environments


Your Go-To Team for Reactor & Regenerator Head Removal

Ultra High-Pressure (40K) hydroblasting is the ideal way to remove vessel heads, and Thompson does is with safety, precision and speed. Why choose Thompson for your next inspection or repair?

  • We safely hydrocut with ultra high-pressure without having to remove the refractory.
  • Because Thompson’s hydrocutting process is safe to perform in volatile, explosive environments, it can be performed prior to completely purging all surrounding atmospheric conditions.
  • Precision is in the details – engineered job design, experienced employees and specialty equipment.
  • Unmatched expertise and experience. You will work directly with Jack Lovett, a pioneer in the business with decades of vessel head removal, and innovator behind the “JackTrack” automated UHP cutting technology

Engineered job design, experienced employees and specialty equipment.


  Elimination of Metal Surface Degradation

  Low Water Usage minimal disposal costs

  No Fire Hazards

  Little to no environmental risk

  Reduced Downtime

  Increased “up” production time between cleanings

  Enhanced safety with numerous automated capabilities

  Elimination of Airborne Contaminants

  More Efficient Cleaning

  No Heat Deformation

  Weld-Prep Finishes

  Ideal in a flammable atmosphere where a torch cannot be used

  Simultaneously cuts through steel and refractory


  Hard deposit & paint removal, plus lead paint abatement

  Floor cleaning, stripping & scarification

  Non-skid coating removal (ships)

  Boiler tube striping for NDT inspections

  Heat Exchanger cleaning

  Pre-commisioning pipe cleaning

  Tank & pressure vessel cleaning

  Process line & reactor cleaning

  Surface preparation & profiling

  Refractory & rubber lining removal

  Scales, coatings & epoxy removal

  Vapor, polymer, & resin lines cleaning

Case Study


A major chemical plant required 40K surface prep of 3 miles of weld seams inside a vessel so the plant could perform the crucial NDT inspection of welds.



Thompson’s ultra-high pressure surface prep executed by our expert UHP team.


Thompson’s 40K methods worked considerably faster than the traditional hand-held “buffer/light grinder” wheel or sand blasting to prepare the weld so the impurities did not interfere with the inspection process. The client noted that, “Thompson’s services came in under budget, with zero incidents, and saved 5 days off of our outage schedule.”

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