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Industrial Drone Inspections

Thompson offers drone inspections for increased safety and less downtime while providing high resolution images and video.

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Safe Inspections that Decrease Downtime & Risk

Thompson Industrial Services is committed to providing the latest industrial cleaning technologies—automating wherever possible. We now offer safe and efficient aerial drone inspections throughout your facility. Using Thompson’s drone services on your next boiler or facility inspection ensures you keep employees safe and time minimized. We can remotely access dangerous or complex areas of your plant without human exposure or scaffolding.


Inspects the unreachable with its LED lighting & thermal imagery.


  Increased Safety for Inspectors & Plant Personnel

  Remote access eliminates confined space entry & scaffold needs

  Drone can enter hazardous environments unsafe for human entry

  Safe cage will not injure humans or equipment if it comes into contact – meaning no risk of crash or injury

  Decrease Downtime & Inspection Costs

  Less preparations, man hours, equipment & safety measures required

  High Resolution Images & Video

  Delivers images up to 0.2mm/px even in complete darkness

  Inspects the unreachable with its LED lighting & thermal imagery


  Internal Boiler Inspections

  Internal Tank Inspections

  Coal Bunkers

  External Elevated Inspections

  Large Diameter Piping

  Fly Ash Silos

  Aerial Property


  Gas/Oil Pipelines

  Cooling Tower

  Inspections- external

  HRSG Inspections

  Stack inspections

  Wind & solar farms

Case Study


Ductwork issues in the ceiling of the paper machine building. The only way for the mill to access it was to spend thousands of dollars on scaffolding.



Thompson proposed our new drone technology as an alternative to the dangerous and expensive scaffolding. The drone was able to inspect hard-to-reach areas quickly and safely saving the mill significant time and money.


The Paper Machine Manager at the mill reported that “the video quality was perfect and allowed us to see our problem area. If there are issues in hard to reach places, then Thompson’s drone inspection service is the way to go.”

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