High Volume Hydroblasting –
Big Pump


We are recognized as the leading service contractor for automated boiler and air pre-heater cleaning.


We Match Your Plant-Specific Needs

Our experts engineer each job to match your plant-specific requirements with an unmatched ability for speed and safety.  We designed and built our automated on-line deslagging process to minimize downtime. We are focused on our results and your bottom line so we work with your team every step of the way to provide upfront planning, schedule compression and cost-tracking to maximize efficiency.

Top of the Line High Volume Pumps

Our high volume pumps (up to 2,250 HP, 1,200 GPM and 10,000 PSI each), automated equipment and experienced personnel tackle the most demanding cleaning projects safely and efficiently to reduce your costs and yield the most effective results possible.


  • High Energy Pumping Units rated up to 2,250 HP
  • Pressure up to 10,000 PSI
  • Flow up to 1,200 GPM
  • Multiple Automated Tools
  • Robotic Cleaning Systems
  • Automated On-line Boiler De-slag Cleaning
  • High Volume Air Pre-Heater Cleaning

See it in action

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We are focused on our results and your bottom line.


 High volume – 1,200 GPM & 8,500 PSI pumps to 2,250 HP

 Maximized efficiency

 Compressed schedule

 Reduced hazard exposure

 Custom designed tracking system

 Multiple custom-engineered high volume pumps

 Nozzle placement & selection customized to each boiler


 Smelt Bed Removal

 Air Pre-Heater Cleaning

 Suction (Couch) Roll Cleaning

 Large Diameter Pipe and Sewer Flushing

 Evaporator Cleaning

 On-Line Clinker Removal

 Non-Entry Vessel and Tank Cleaning

 Boiler Gas Path Cleaning (Water Walls, Superheater, and Economizers)

Case Study


Smelt bed removal from recovery boiler at major Midwestern paper mill.


Thompson’s high volume hydroblasting with big pump.



The cleaning was completely faster than any other method or provider had been able to prior. The customer noted that this decanting style bottom is not something that can usually be cleaned in 12 hours or less, stating, “it has been my experience working with the Big Pump technology that to accomplish the final cleaning in 12 hours most owners have pumped the smelt pools. I have no issue with not pumping smelt, but everyone should be prepared for duration longer than 12 hours. If it can be cleaned in 12 hours, I would bet on Big Pump to be the technology that can do it.”

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