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Power Generation

Thompson is a comprehensive services provider for industrial cleaning, hydro-excavation and hydro-demolition of coal-fired, nuclear and cogeneration plants.

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Power Generation

Power plants rely on us to achieve peak performance and meet crucial safety, environmental and regulatory compliances with our broad range of specialized industrial cleaning services. We handle everything from comprehensive outages to entire plant de-commissioning, coal-to-gas conversion cleaning, combustible dust remediation and in-situ SCR catalyst cleaning.

Fossil Fuel

Our specialized capabilities and automated technologies make us stand out as the premier provider of these services and our knowledgeable, reliable personnel elevate the bar for performance standards. Whether you need to clear severely plugged SCR catalyst, plan and execute a once-in-a-decade chemical cleaning or an automated combustion-side hydroblast cleaning, Thompson is the only call you need to make.


  • Boilers and all-encompassing BOP
  • All combustion-side surfaces
  • Dust remediation
  • In-situ SCR catalyst cleaning
  • Ash hoppers
  • Sluice lines
  • Precipitators
  • Automated ID boiler tube cleaning
  • Air preheaters
  • Hydro- and pneumatic-vacuum excavation
  • Drone inspections


Reliable personnel elevate the bar for performance standards.


With over 23 years of time-tested and impeccable performance, we have the nuclear experience, mindset, stringent safety culture and advanced technology that the nuclear industry virtually demands and necessitates on virtually every task and project.


Executing cleaning, hydro-demolition and vacuum-excavation services for nuclear facilities requires an unequivocal degree of expertise and attention to detail with supremely qualified professionals, and typically performed with more complexity and procedural challenges than “traditional” work. You can count on Thompson’s expert teams and specialized equipment to provide our comprehensive services during a refueling to strategic automated hydroblasting and vacuuming or specialized “day lighting” excavation and remote video inspection services.


  • RBES drain piping & sumps
  • Heat exchangers & condensers
  • Cooling towers & cooling water systems
  • Non-essential headers, RN/NS piping systems
  • Video inspection & documentation services
  • Yard drains, storm drains, & sump maintenance
  • Ultra-high pressure (UHP) cleaning, hydrolazing, cutting, & dismantlement
  • Decommissioning & decontamination services (hydro-laser, water blasting, hydro-demolition & vacuum Services)
  • Service water piping systems
  • Re-circulating water intake screens
  • Water boxes, intake, & discharge systems
  • Fire water piping systems & storage tanks
  • FME – robotic material retrieval & vacuuming
  • ALARA – floor drains & GWD pipe cleaning (dose reduction)


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