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Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Other Services: Meet the OMT

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For many years, Thompson Industrial Services has been changing the way industrial facilities think about heat exchanger cleaning, boiler cleaning, and other routine industrial services tasks. Perhaps the biggest part of that is increased automation, making more and more procedures hands-free, safer, and far more efficient than ever before. A few years ago, we created a new dedicated team, the Outage Management Team, to support the amazing work that our automated technology technicians do and provide our clients with even better results from their outages for heatexchanger cleaning and other types of maintenance projects. Today we’d like to introduce you to the OMT, led by Jeremy Knight, and some of the great comments that we’ve already received from clients about their performance. The Paper Industry By examining a client’s situation, applying knowledge gained through decades of experience, and implementing Thompson’s powerful automated equipment, the OMT is able to put together a solution that usually outperforms competing options by a wide margin. One of the best examples of this advantage in our recent memory is a job that we performed at a major paper mill on the East Coast. Based on past outages, the mill anticipated the need for 130 hours of downtime, with a 14-member team and two water pumps. Our team, however, fielded an 8-member team and just one pump to do the same work—and more importantly, our approach eliminated the need for confined space entry by any of our technicians due to the use of automated, remotely controlled cleaning equipment. 

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 The biggest number to come out of this project was 40: the total number of hours that the Thompson Industrial Services crew required to complete the outage project. That was a reduction of the previous time requirement for the cleaning job by 90 hours, more than two-thirds. The estimated savings for the paper mill added up to $60,000. Power Generation Another project that our OMT handled, at a much different facility than the paper mill, illustrates another enormous advantage that Thompson Industrial’s experienced personnel bring to the table: flexibility. A Florida power plant brought in our OMT to oversee their seasonal outage, and the team soon recognized that the cleaning needs surpassed the anticipations of the plant management. Rather than extending the outage and throwing off the plant’s schedule to accomplish the additional cleaning needs, the team quickly devised a strategy to use additional manpower and equipment during longer work days in order to get the job done both completely and on time. The facility maintenance coordinator for the plant, after watching the Thompson Industrial Services team in action under these high-pressure circumstances, noted that in his 14 years of work in the industry, he had never seen a service provider function with such a high level of success. Steel Production One of the features that has always set Thompson Industrial Services apart from the rest, whether in heat exchanger cleaning, cryogenic cleaning, or combustible dust removal, is our intense interest in creatively saving time and money for our clients. The development of our new OMT is, in part, an effort to do that even more effectively, as a recent project at a South Carolina steel mill illustrates. When the mill engaged us to perform an urgent cleaning project with our signature “big pump,” our OMT didn’t stop at just doing the requested work. They looked carefully at the scope of the job and our equipment’s capabilities and found a way to save the steel mill over $45,000 while accomplishing the same work with the same high safety standards. Needless to say, the mill’s management was extremely pleased with these results, giving them just one more reason to continue their long-standing relationship with Thompson for their industrial services needs. Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Aerial Drone Inspection, and More Paper mills, steel mills, and power plants have widely varying needs in terms of industrial services, but ThompsonIndustrial Services has been assisting these and many other types of facilities for decades with reliable, safe, and innovative approaches to outages and projects like chemical cleaning of heat exchangers. Get in touch with us today to meet Jeremy Knight and his Outage Management Team and find out what they can do for your next project.


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