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Any company worth working for places a high value on employee safety. In industrial settings, there are multiple serious threats to that safety on a daily basis that must be taken seriously.

Dry Ice Blasting: A Unique Solution

There are certain cleaning tasks that plant maintenance personnel dreads tackling. An example situation is when residue builds up on equipment and must be removed for work to continue.

Challenging Boiler Tube Cleaning Problems Can be Solved

At Thompson Industrial Services, much of our work is done at large plants and other sizable facilities.

Cryogenic Cleaning Solves Rocky Mineral Buildup Problem

Equipment used in the mining industry faces challenges that we rarely see above ground.

Why We Love Hydroblasting (and You Should Too)

At Thompson Industrial Services, we have a number of different high-tech cleaning methods in our arsenal of solutions: dry ice, chemical, and vacuuming are just a few.

What’s In a Hydroblaster Nozzle?

When you see a technician in an application utilizing high pressure water, it may appear that the process is pretty basic.

Understanding the Potential: Internal Boiler Tube Cleaning Considerations

Boiler tube cleaning of internal components with the use of chemicals is a process that even experienced plant personnel don’t fully understand.

A Slow-Motion Look at Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Slow-motion videography has given us fascinating insights into what actually happens during split-second events.

Deciding How and When to Hydroblast: Behind the Scenes

We all know that it is much easier to make a mess than to clean it up—just ask any kid who has to spend an entire Saturday morning cleaning his room!