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Boiler Tube Cleaning and Other Chemical Solutions

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One of the biggest divisions here at Thompson Industrial Services is our chemical cleaning division. There are so many industries that depend on competent and safe boiler chemical cleaning to keep their production lines moving efficiently, and we are very proud to offer the highest quality of service in this critical area.

Here’s what these folks do and how they put our company motto into practice: “Be safe, be good, be great.” 


  1. Boiler Chemical Cleaning and Safety 
  2. The Boiler Chemical Cleaning Team
  3. Chemical Cleaning Projects


Boiler Chemical Cleaning and Safety 

Our chemical cleaning division has to be ready to tackle maintenance and cleaning tasks at facilities of widely varying types, from pulp & paper mills to oil refineries. The residues, scale buildup, and other by-products found at these varying facilities require specific chemical solutions and application methods for removal.

Without adequate strength or the right type of equipment, residue can be left behind in the vessels, continuing to hurt the efficiency of the production line. But if a chemical solution is too strong or is applied incorrectly, it could cause severe damage to equipment or even, in some cases, contaminate the facility’s output when production resumes. Even worse, toxic or caustic/acidic chemicals could put employees’ health in danger if they are exposed to them during the boiler chemical cleaning process. 

Our chemical cleaning team is thoroughly knowledgeable about the safety procedures associated with all the substances that it works with. Team members receive a rigorous program of training, education, hands-on practice before they work with our clients’ equipment, and we are indoctrinated with a culture of accountability, ensuring that everyone is constantly keeping an eye on what is going on around them and are alert to any warning signs that chemicals are being mixed or applied incorrectly.

The Boiler Chemical Cleaning Team

What’s different about the Thompson Industrial Services boiler chemical cleaning team?

For one thing, every one of our chemists and operators is a full-time employee of the division. This creates a true sense of ownership and synergy among the team, while also keeping our services agile and versatile.

Because the team members work together all the time, using the same equipment and practices, they are able to work together quickly to put together customized solutions when a client presents them with a particularly challenging problem. That might mean adopting an automated system to manipulate cleaning equipment in a certain way, modifying a chemical solution for a specific residue type, or utilizing our specialized vacuum equipment to collect all waste, water, and residue during the cleaning process without allowing any of it to contaminate the surrounding area.

Finding these tailored solutions and putting them into action quickly are possible due to the integrated nature of our boiler chemical cleaning team.

Chemical Cleaning Projects

The experience and technology present in our boiler chemical cleaning division are powerful assets in a wide range of different applications. The team regularly conducts degassing activities as part of the and turnaround process, replacing less effective methods that may not even be possible in some instances.

At the other end of the spectrum, our chemical cleaning technicians conduct pre-operational cleaning of all types of equipment, ensuring that it is clear of any debris that could negatively affect production or other equipment before it goes online.

And of course, chemical cleaning administered by a safety-conscious, experienced team is ideal for efficiently removing mineral scale and other deposits left behind in vessels and boilers during various manufacturing processes.

Boiler Chemical Cleaning and Other Services

The power of the boiler chemical cleaning division is reflective of the benefits that Thompson Industrial Services clients can expect from all the various divisions in our company. Each team prioritizes safety on every job, and each team makes use of new automated solutions that accelerate outages and maintenance tasks that previously took much longer to safely accomplish.

From our EPIC™ cleaning system, pneumatic excavation uncovering delicate communication lines to drone inspections of hard-to-reach equipment, our amazing technicians are ready to work together and bring our culture of safety, efficiency, and integrity to your next outage.

Contact us today to find out how our boiler chemical cleaning and other services can benefit your facility.


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