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Boiler Chemical Cleaning at Lightning Speed

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One of our favorite experiences at Thompson Industrial Services is seeing the reactions of our clients when we explain how long their boiler chemical cleaning job will take.

In the industrial field, the work has numerous prerequisites before it can proceed, which is particularly the case with chemical cleaning applications that can require days to weeks to plan and execute. In one instance, however, you can imagine the surprise of a power plant manager when we informed him we could be in and out within the space of a day or two!


Mission: Impossible?

The management of a paper mill in the Southeast may have been hoping for the best but planning for the worst when they approached us with their boiler chemical cleaning need. They didn’t have much time to get the job done, so we got down to business and worked closely with the client to establish a safe, effective and expeditious job procedure.

With Thompson’s expert and seasoned engineers supported by superior equipment and chemistry formulations, it didn’t take long to build a plan, get on site, and complete the cleaning safely and thoroughly.

That’s How We Do It

We had one more surprise for our client as well: we saved him money by finishing the cleaning under budget!

That may be unusual for most tasks in the industry, but at Thompson Industrial Services it’s a regular occurrence. Its also part of the reason our past clients continually recommend our services to their colleagues and call us every time they have a cleaning need.

Boiler chemical cleaning can be a very difficult and involved, detailed process, but Thompson has the talented and longtime chemical cleaning pros to perform the task safely, on time and under budget, as we did for this paper mill. Fortunately, they called us first and ended up with clean, fully functioning equipment more quickly and affordably than they thought was possible. 

Contact Thompson Industrial for any Chemical Cleaning Needs

As a long-standing business, we’re leaders in the field of chemical cleaning. We employ full-time, expert chemical cleaners who aggressively take on challenges to minimize client’s downtime and improve their efficiency.

Reach out to Thompson Industrial to inquire about a boiler cleaning service.

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