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Thompson Saves Client Significant Time and Money with Automated UHP Robot - the ROC

Thompson's UHP division recently had the opportunity to clean a tank in Charleston so the facility could switch out materials. Typically this would have required several weeks to clean with manual hydroblasting. However, our superior team lead by Jack Lovett, Dennis Rivenbark, Jeremy Knight, and members of A35 and A44 were able to deliver a unique solution using a tank cleaning robot - the ROC (Remote Operated Crawler). Using this technology, the team could clean the 48 ft. tall by 110 ft. wide tank in about 3 shifts as opposed to several weeks, and required zero scaffolding like the manual process would have. This hugely reduces SIF potential such as falling hazards or hydroblast injuries, and it also saved the client at least 5 days and $100K in costs. A big win and job well done by all involved!     




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