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Increase Production for Heat Exchanger Cleaning with FINFOAM®

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FINFOAM® safely & thoroughly cleans fin-tube units for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Let's dive into the details of what FINFOAM® is, how this cleaning process works, and its benefits.

  1. What is FINFOAM®?
  2. What is FINFOAM's cleaning process?
  3. What are the benefits of using FINFOAM®?
  4. Numerous Case Studies Show Increased Production

What is FINFOAM®?

FINFOAM® is the most thorough and environmentally friendly solution for externally cleaning air-cooled heat exchangers (fin fans), steam preheater coils and refinery/petrochemical units’ convection sections safely and efficiently. This proprietary process, proven for nearly 20 years worldwide, executed by highly skilled and safety-trained personnel, will bring your equipment to peak performance and maximum production levels.

Dirty fins or coil tubes drastically reduces an exchanger’s efficiency and throughput. The low pressure, high volume foaming process is 100% safe and gentle on delicate fins, while completely breaking through dirt and debris throughout the entire bundle. You’ll notice an immediate return on investment with improved heat transfer efficiency, energy savings, and prolonged unit life.

What is FINFOAM's cleaning process?

FINFOAM® is the best choice for cleaning delicate fin fans. Traditional methods like pressure washing can bend or break fragile cooling fins, as well as compact dirt and debris toward the center of the heat exchanger bundle.

FINFOAM®’s process is 100% safe for your equipment because it is a LOW-PRESSURE, HIGH VOLUME treatment that causes zero damage, and can be performed while on-line in only 1-1.5 hours with the fan off.

Our proprietary foaming solution fully encapsulates the entire surface area of your fins or coils and even dislodges blockages trapped in the center of the bundles. Where traditional pressure washing only effects the uppermost exposed surfaces, FINFOAM® uses a unique process to ensure a complete flow is maintained from the top of the exchanger to the bottom - freeing the unit of efficiency-robbing deposits.

Once a complete foaming breakthrough is achieved, the low pressure, high volume rinse flushes all FINFOAM® solution and debris to grade. FINFOAM® is pH balanced, biodegradable and non-hazardous, so it won’t adversely affect your waste stream. Debris is pushed out in the same direction it originally entered your exchanger, keeping your equipment safe and fully operational.

What are the benefits of using FINFOAM®?

Some of the benefits of using FINFOAM® include:

  • Improved cooling performance and unit efficiency
  • Increased production capacity
  • Extends unit life & reduces maintenance & power costs
  • Can be automated with ROBOFOAM
  • Units remain in service with the fan off for only 1-1.5 hours.
  • Global company with100% mobile operations
  • Zero damage to fins
  • Environmentally safe pH-balanced cleaning formula

Numerous Case Studies Show Increased Production

A Southern California refinery needed their Alkylation unit’s air-cooled heat exchangers cleaned, which had previously been attempted by a different service provider with poor results. With over 100 fans in the unit, the job took just 12 days, and average results showed a 35 degree increase in Delta T. Not only was the client thrilled with the results, but they realized their return on investment before the job was even completed. They even realized around $3 million in annual cost savings.

More and more cases continue to impress our users. Here's another case on how FINFOAM shines in new application for petrochemical plants.

Continuing To Impress 

We never get tired of seeing facility managers experience surprise at how powerful and efficient our industrial cleaning services are. Best of all, our advanced, technology-based methods keep our employees and those of our clients safer than ever before by employing automated systems and robotic positioners rather than technicians with manual equipment.

For more information on FINFOAM® and our other revolutionary maintenance and urgent cleaning solutions, take a look at our website’s service pages or get in touch with us directly to talk with our experts.

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