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Industrial Cleaning Services: Decades of Safety

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Industrial Cleaning Services: Decades of Safety

Over the course of our 28 years, the industrial cleaning industry has taken note of our company’s innovation, efficiency, and training concepts. However, one feature has stood out above the rest, whether we are engaged in vacuum or hydroblasting projects, “soft dig” excavation, chemical cleaning, hydro-cutting, tank cleaning or anything in between: our safety record. In our last post, we mentioned automated cleaning systems and equipment, which help keep our employees out of harm’s way. Here are a few of the other ways we've been leading the field to make our industry safer for everyone:
 Safety Training from Day One Before any employee at Thompson Industrial Services becomes a employed in any of our service lines they must first demonstrate that they are proficient at learning by initially mastering the 10-Hour OSHA test besides undergoing an extremely detailed, careful training period. For the first three months on the job, seasoned mentors work closely with each technician to make sure he’s internalizing the “safety culture” that’s so crucially important to our company. Since our job is frequently to make a likely unsafe area safe for others to work in afterwards, it is imperative to remain vigilant with Safety as Job One in all of our endeavors. Records and Transparency For example, our cryogenic cleaning and hydroblasting technicians aren't the only ones with strict safety protocols to follow. We also keep accurate and detailed records of our drivers’ CDL status and safe driving records. In addition, all of the OSHA logs and other safety-related reports and training records are kept on file for potential or current clients to review. When facility owners see that we have nothing to hide, they are much more comfortable engaging us to work with their equipment and around their own personnel! Keeping People First Ultimately, maintaining the highest possible safety standards isn't about attracting new customers or giving us something to brag about. It’s about getting our talented and dedicated industrial cleaning personnel back home to their loved ones, safe and healthy after every trip or job. It’s not always easy to adhere to safety procedures, but the payoff is worth it,as our clients agree and practice every hour as well.


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