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The Power of Hydro Excavation Continues to Expand

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The applications that we offer our clients here at Thompson Industrial Services are extremely intricate, advanced, complex, and often based on technology that is at the cutting edge of our field. By the time we go public with a new service, there is an enormous amount of planning, research, testing, adjusting, fine-tuning, cost analysis, and other activity that has already taken place. That’s why it is so exciting for our team when we see a service like our pneumatic and hydro vacuum excavation head out into the field and begin to yield great results for our clients. One of our divisions enjoyed that experience recently, putting their hydro excavation service to work for a client with an urgent need and coming through with flying colors.

Water Pipe Issues

A damaged, leaking water pipe buried underground is a huge problem, largely due to the fact that repairing the problem requires at least two steps. The actual repair of the leak is the second of the two steps and can only occur after step one is complete: locating the source of the leak, which is invisible and buried under several feet of earth. Our hydro excavation service was created to replace the outdated method that industrial facilities have always dreaded: bringing in heavy machinery and completely unearthing large swaths of ground just to find out where a water leak originated. This method carries with it all sorts of “side effects,” from contamination of the surrounding area (and subsequent tedious cleanup) to shutting down part of the facility’s activity for a prolonged period of time during the leak location/repair process.

Thompson Industrial Services Division 56

At a Midwest location for one of our clients, a broken potable water pipe required a leak detection and repair process that was as efficient as possible. The client contacted Division 56 of Thompson Industrial Services, the regional office closest to the site, and asked what they could offer. Our hydro excavation service was perfectly suited to this situation, and Division 56 quickly dispatched a team to the location to set up the equipment and begin probing the area for the precise location of the leak.

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Once the safe digging equipment was set up, it took our team just three hours to detect the source of the water pipe leak. In addition to this incredibly short time frame, the detection process provided the benefit of keeping the surrounding area much cleaner than traditional methods, since the team did not need to displace large amounts of soil and rock. Accomplishing this task so quickly and safely gave our client a fantastic head start in repairing the leak and restoring the facility to full production.

Leaving a Good Impression

Particularly for a newer service like hydro excavation, word-of-mouth reputation is invaluable for an industrial services provider. Clients can be wary about a service provider doing things in a way that’s different from the older, “tried and true” method. But the Thompson Industrial Services reputation for safe, reliable service and our technicians’ intimate knowledge of the equipment they use go in front of us and inspire confidence in our clients when we tell them that we have developed a better way of doing things. The client that Division 56 helped in this case provided us with great feedback, noting that all of the facility’s field supervisors were impressed with the professional, safe, and expert activity that the team performed.

We are very excited to see how our hydro excavation services will gain traction around the country, as more and more facilities like our Midwest Division 56 client take advantage of its time-saving, safe digging capability. In addition, the companion service, pneumatic vacuum excavation, fills a need for ultra-clean and sensitive sites, where it is unacceptable to allow any dust, soil, or moisture to escape the excavation area and create a contamination risk. When a call comes in to one of our regional offices with an urgent need for safe excavation, our expert managers determine which service is best suited to the situation and dispatch a team of experienced technicians to resolve the issue as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible. Learn more about our pneumatic and hydro excavation services on our dedicated service page.


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