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No Waste, No Cleanup: The Magic of Dry Ice Cleaning

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No Waste, No Cleanup: The Magic of Dry Ice Cleaning

Sometimes cleaning up a mess creates a mess of a different kind that must, in turn, be cleaned up. It’s frustrating, but we’ve grown used to it in most contexts. With a surface or equipment cleaning job, however, the emphasis is on to get in, get everything cleaned completely and safely, and get out as quickly as possible. Dry ice cleaning offers the opportunity to cut out an entire phase of the cleaning process by eliminating any additional residue or material such as water or chemical waste.

 Into Thin Air – Literally  The technical term sublimation simply refers to a solid becoming a gas. Usually, substances passes through a liquid phase first—think of ice melting into water, and then eventually dissipating as vapor. But when a solid turns into a gas rapidly, it leaves no residue whatsoever. It literally vanishes into thin air! The sublimation process does something else too, in the case of dry ice cleaning: it releases a lot of energy. As solid CO2 becomes a gas at the surface of the equipment being cleaned, the resulting blast of energy knocks (i.e. cleans) the unwanted residue from the surface and does so without abrasive effects. Following Safety Protocols Surface and other industrial cleaning processes all have certain risks that must be addressed to safely and effectively perform the task at hand. In the case of dry ice cleaning, it’s important to know that as CO2sublimates, it displaces oxygen from the air. If the area is poorly ventilated, the oxygen content of the room could soon be insufficient for the technicians to breathe. One of the most important safety protocols associated with dry ice cleaning is to provide personnel with a breathing apparatus if there is a possibility of oxygen loss in the room, which in those possible scenarios should also be accompanied by continuous air monitoring to be certain. Our cleaning teams thrive on pleasantly surprising plant supervision and management with the speed, convenience, and zero residue that dry ice cleaning has to offer. Call or email us to find a quick and affordable solution to your next surface cleaning application needs. 



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