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Industrial, Chemical, and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services: Some Highlights

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Industrial, Chemical, and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services: Some Highlights

As a results-oriented company with a simultaneous laser focus on safety, a considerable degree of advancements have developed at Thompson Industrial Services over the past ten years. Recently, the industry magazines Cleaner and Power Engineering published stories about our company, which provides chemical cleaning, full-range of hydroblasting, vacuuming (including excavation), and hydro-cutting services to numerous industries throughout the Southeast, Northeast and Central US. Today, we’d like to let you know about some of the highlights of our growth during that time and how our hydroblasting, boiler cleaning, and heat exchanger cleaning services can now better serve you. Acquisition of State-of-the- Art Applications Certainly one of the most exciting developments in the past decade has been the acquisition and offering of our proprietary Fin Foam external air-cooled heat exchanger cleaning services. With its amazingly effective, environmentally-friendly product, this foaming method provides us with the unique ability to complete external fin-tubed cleaning considerably more quickly than ever before without leaving any residue behind with nearly instant improved heat transfer and reduced energy requirements. Automated Systems Because(just as our valued clients do)Thompson prioritizes the safety of our employees as well as our customers’facilities, we have spent years studying and enhancing the best ways to accomplish industrial cleaning jobs without risking health and lives. That research has led to a concentration on developing automated equipment, keeping our field personnel out of the “line of fire” and danger while providing the same thorough, fast cleaning that our clients have grown to expect. In-House Design Group One of the optimum offerings that Thompson Industrial Services does differently is thinking outside the box when it comes to equipment and applications of various processes to accomplish your objectives with minimal downtime and cost. If we don’t feel we have the right tools for, as examples, a heat exchanger cleaning or hydroblasting task, we team up to create new tools or custom processes specifically for the job at hand. Our design group has developed many new hydroblasting nozzles, tools, and apparatus to improve our service, and we also work closely with our manufacturing partners to build exactly what we envision. Our cryogenic (dry ice), water blasting, and heat exchanger cleaning services have changed significantly over the past decade, all for the increased benefit of our valued clients. Please let us know how we can help with your next industrial cleaning project!


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