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For Best Hydroblasting/Cleaning Results, See the OMT!

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As we head into 2018, we wanted to introduce you to a team of experts here at Thompson Industrial Services that you may not have met yet. The service that this team provides for many of our longstanding clients takes our incredibly powerful hydroblasting and other applications to the next level. It’s not that they add technology or personnel to the hydroblast process; rather, they help clients in the area of organization. As our clients know, organization is a critical factor for industrial cleaning activities, and as we plan to show you, the OMT has the potential to pull many thousands of dollars in savings out of thin air for your facility by applying their combined 75+ years of knowledge to your situation. The Outage Management Team The Outage Management Team (OMT) is a group of some of the most experienced hydroblasting and chemical cleaning professionals employed at Thompson Industrial Services. The mission of this team is to take our water blasting and other cleaning services and make them even more cost-effective for our clients by managing outages and downtime at the highest level. Because they understand all the factors that impact an outage at your facility for equipment maintenance, the team can help your facility managers schedule outages at the optimal time of year, give you an extremely accurate estimate of the downtime needed for maintenance, and assist you in thinking through what your folks and ours can do to minimize the interruption to “business as usual.” This careful planning, informed by the decades of experience that the OMT brings to the table, saves time and money with every outage.                                                 Our OMT leads our clients to maximum efficiency during outages. Reports and Analysis The OMT begins with a huge amount of general knowledge about hydroblasting and our other industrial equipment services, but as they work with your facility over time, they also gain a thorough understanding of your unique industrial services needs. The longer we work with a client, the better we are able to customize their services and further streamline their outages. During every outage, the OMT tracks important factors such as % completion vs. % estimated time and % spent vs. estimated cost. They also carefully document any changes to the original scope of work and add-on jobs, updating the client on a daily basis and getting client approval before surpassing the amount of the PO. A great example of this is our longstanding relationship with a pulp and paper facility located in our home state of South Carolina. For over 15 years, our technicians have been providing hydroblasting and other services for this facility, and every year the OMT uses what it learns during the cleaning process to improve our technicians’ performance the next time around. In addition, they incorporate our research division’s latest technological improvements into the hydroblasting services that we provide. Although the annual maintenance tasks for the facility are identical, the OMT’s reassessment and constant improvement efforts cut downtime and expenses for the client every year. It’s All About Time If we had to summarize the benefit of our Outage Management Team for your facility in a single word, it would be time. The careful planning of your hydroblasting or other maintenance outage ensures that every step progresses efficiently and that time-consuming surprises do not impact productivity. The application of Thompson Industrial Services’ automated industrial cleaning equipment accelerates the cleaning process itself when compared with traditional, manual cleaning methods. Finally, by generating and studying detailed performance reports during and after each job, the OMT identifies potential areas of improvement and plans for a more efficient outage the next time it is scheduled. As our experts are involved in planning every shutdown/outage, they help the client save money and time by identifying the best dates for projects and by minimizing the resources needed for each job. Having experienced industrial supervisors that can accurately forecast job durations and contracted resource allocation is paramount in developing a successful plan of execution for a shut down. Through this process, Thompson has proved that we can save our clients both time and money while providing a safe and high quality job.  

Get in touch with us today to meet one of our expert OMT members and save money during your facility’s next maintenance outage.


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