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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning: Down to Details

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Dry ice blasting is one of the cleaning services that we are most excited about here at Thompson Industrial Services. It would be difficult to find, or even theorize, a cleaning method that is more effective in more contexts with better results. On top of all that, dry ice cleaning is entirely safe for the environment and produces no additional contaminants. This blogpost will give you some insight into the power and many valuable applications of this incredible cleaning service, and if it sounds like it may have potential for a difficult cleaning need of yours, by all means get in touch with us to learn more about it.

 Dry Ice Blasting Fits into Complex Applications The food manufacturing industry and the power generation industry don’t seem to have much in common. But when it comes to cleaning their production equipment, there are some important similarities: in both cases, it is essential that the cleaning processes used do not contaminate the immediate environment. This excludes substances commonly used as abrasives, such as mineral dust. In fact, power generation and food manufacturing equipment are sometimes so sensitive that even the water used in hydroblasting can damage it. Dry ice blasting, which utilizes pellets of frozen carbon dioxide, uses no harmful abrasives or water at all. Our cleaning teams regularly use this powerful, precise method to remove tough scale and debris from delicate electronics and other sensitive equipment without causing any damage to it. 

One important element of dry ice blasting’s versatility is the wide range of different residues, contaminants, and substances that it can quickly remove from surfaces. Manufacturing facilities can use this method to quickly clear grease, oil, soot, and dirt from surfaces, and food production plants can use it to remove food particles as well as glue residue produced during packaging. In the power generation industry, carbon, grease, and dirt that hurt efficiency are blasted away just as easily.


Dry ice blasting completely removes contamination without damaging underlying equipment.

 Variations on Dry Ice Blasting The typical version of our dry ice blasting services uses small pellets of solid carbon dioxide, which blast debris off the surface to be cleaned as it rapidly sublimates into a gas. However, we can also use dry ice that has been shaved into much smaller particles. This approach is ideal for cleaning equipment with many hard-to-reach surfaces, such as vents. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of each dry ice blasting variation and its advantages, and they use that knowledge to select the most strategic method for every client’s unique cleaning task. Another critical factor that our dry ice blasting technicians consider is oxygen displacement. In enclosed spaces and areas with poor ventilation, the dry ice cleaning process can displace oxygen and make it difficult for humans to breathe. Our teams assess the environment and use specialized breathing equipment to ensure that they can accomplish the cleaning task at hand without endangering themselves or others in the area.

 Mold and Other Valuable Applications Mold is a notorious invader of many facilities, and dry ice blasting is an ideal method for eradicating it quickly and safely with no moisture or added contaminants. The shaved dry ice version of our cleaning application, in particular, is extremely effective in penetrating hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas, blasting mold away from surfaces so that it can be easily vacuumed and disposed of. Dry ice blasting in its various forms is so versatile that it would be difficult to list all of the contexts in which it shines. Even smoke damage, which involves incredibly small microscopic particles, can be cleaned efficiently using cryogenic cleaning. The service is frequently used to clean antique surfaces and even books that have become contaminated by mold, mildew, or dust, completely removing contaminants without negatively affecting the underlying surfaces.

 Thompson Industrial Services: Dry Ice Blasting and Other Cleaning Services You can trust the dry ice cleaning experts at Thompson Industrial Services to complete your toughest cleaning jobs while adhering to the highest standards in safety. We look forward to assisting you and providing expert services in dry ice blasting, chemical cleaning, hydroblasting, as well as pneumatic and hydro vacuum excavation that perfectly fit your facility’s needs. Please get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.  


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