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Creative Hydroblasting Solution Saves Time and Money

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One of the services we provide at Thompson Industrial Services is the cleaning of scrubber fan rotors. The typical procedure for this job is sponge blasting, which employs a complex substance mixed with an abrasive like metal grit. While this procedure is safe and effective, it’s simply part of our philosophy that we are always trying to do even better. In this case, our hydroblasting technicians came up with a creative way to accomplish the same job for a fraction of the time and cost. Why Not Hydroblasting? At a top packaging company in Virginia, our team was getting ready for a fan rotor cleaning, an operation that normally takes between 24 and 36 hours with our sponge blasting approach. The team decided to do something different this time, though. They carefully researched the practicality and safety considerations of hydroblasting with a different type of abrasive (a mineral slag called “Black Beauty”) to clean the rotors. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea, and the team went to work. Using a specialized injection nozzle fitted to a 10k hydroblaster, our expert technicians started cleaning. Surprising Results When the entire operation was finished, our client was pleasantly surprised to find that our new hydroblasting technique had cut his costs for the job by 50 percent! That is news that will make the day of any maintenance or plant manager. Perhaps even more importantly, the downtime required for the fan rotor cleaning was dramatically reduced. Whereas sponge blasting takes over 24 hours, our hydroblasting approach takes up only four to eight hours for the same job, getting the system operational again much more quickly. Needless to say, our technicians look forward to building on this creative idea to benefit our other clients who require the same type of cleaning. 


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