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A Case Study in Cryogenic Cleaning Services

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Our cryogenic cleaning services division exemplifies one of the main reasons our clients come to Thompson Industrial Services again and again for help. That reason is our specialty in solving extremely difficult industrial equipment cleaning problems. We regularly have clients ask us to help with a boiler or other piece of equipment that has restricted access or extremely challenging waste disposal requirements. We also frequently perform jobs in ultra-clean environments, removing debris without contaminating the surrounding area. A common challenge for some of our clients is cleaning equipment that is easily damaged by moisture. Cryogenic cleaning services are perfect for this situation, as illustrated by a recent project completed by our expert dry ice cleaning technicians. Cryogenic Cleaning Services for Precision Cutting Machines Our client for this project was a manufacturing plant in Mississippi. The plant is a provider for the US military, building components for use in connection with aircraft carriers. This is a unique application, and the cleaning solutions for the equipment used on the process line must be very carefully designed and executed in order to avoid any damage or alteration to the precision equipment. The specific task assigned to our cryogenic cleaning services team was to remove metal shavings and residual grease from precision cutting equipment used in the manufacturing process. Due to the nature of the cutting equipment, our team was unable to use abrasives or even water for the cleaning. The ideal solution for this unusual job would be a moisture-free cleaning medium and procedure strong enough to remove all residue, yet gentle enough to avoid damaging the equipment itself.                                                                  Our cryogenic cleaning services in action. Dry Ice Cleaning Cryogenic cleaning is perfectly suited to this type of challenging cleaning situation. Instead of using water, dry ice cleaning uses small pellets of frozen carbon dioxide, which sublimate from a solid to a gas extremely quickly when they come into contact with room-temperature air. The rapid sublimation creates small yet powerful blasts of energy, which knock the metal shavings, grease, and other types of reside off the equipment without damaging the underlying surfaces. In fact, this application is so precise and gentle that it can be used to remove dust from antique books without damaging their pages! Our cryogenic cleaning services, applied by technicians with extensive experience and a solid commitment to safety protocols, were the perfect solution for the manufacturing plant’s equipment cleaning needs. We’re happy to report that the cleaning went flawlessly and the client was very satisfied with the results. Cryogenic Cleaning Services for Other Equipment A precision cutting machine is a great example of the applications where cryogenic cleaning services shine. Many of the other pieces of equipment that we clean using this service are electronic, such as robotic assembly line machinery and even switchboards. We can apply dry ice blastingdirectly to these components, quickly removing debris and coatings without damaging electronics or introducing harmful moisture to them. In a large number of cases, we can even execute these cleanings without taking equipment offline or dismantling it. The savings on downtime and lost production in these cases are great advantages for our clients. Cryogenic cleaning services are effective in removing a huge breadth of different residue substances. We have successfully cleaned oil, paint, grease, hydrocarbon deposits, corrosion, and polyurethane foam from industrial equipment, just to name a few. The ability of our cleaning system to restore production equipment to the most efficient condition possible makes it extremely popular with our manufacturing clients—dry ice cleaning is certainly “the cleaning system of the future”! Thompson Industrial Services: Your Eco-Friendly, Effective Cleaning Experts Like many of our groundbreaking cleaning processes, our cryogenic cleaning services are completely safe for the environment. Other earth-friendly cleaning systems offered by Thompson include FINFOAM, a revolutionary cleaning process for air-cooled heat exchangers, and our in-situ SCR catalyst component cleaning process, which eliminates plugging and reduces fly ash release.Get in touch with Thompson Industrial Services to find out how our environmentally friendly, powerful, and time-saving cleaning processes can help you restore efficiency to your production line equipment. From cryogenic cleaning services to skilled application of chemical cleaning solutions, our teams are standing by to provide safe, expert services.


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