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Thompson Solves Client's Biggest Pain Points with Unique Custom Designed Solution

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Thompson Industrial Services has been embedded at an SC steel recycling company for more than 10 years. Recently, the plant manager asked us to assist in developing tools/methods to facilitate the unloading of a specific railcar type. Our team leader worked with contractors in his network to develop a unique unloading cart, and preliminary performance evaluations are excellent!  This is a great example of how Thompson can add value to our client’s in unique ways. Many solutions, like this one, start with our team members asking – “Is there anything Thompson can help you with or improve upon?"


The plant manager said “The new cart works great, emptied hopper one at 9:15 p.m., hooked up and running on the second hopper by 10 p.m. Love it. Thank you all for all the time and effort that went into designing and building these carts. The unloading assist until will allow us to unload their most difficult railcars in 50% less time than before.”

The plant manager also said these unloading assist units will allow them to unload their most difficult railcars in 50% less time than before.



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