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Thompson Industrial Services President And CEO Joshua Chambers Emphasizes Safety And Excellence

SUMMARY: Joshua Chambers has served as the president and CEO of Thompson Industrial Services for over a year, during which time he has pushed the company to strive for even higher goals in areas in which it already leads its industry. Achieving maximum safety and excellence on every job, for every client, has been a special focus for Joshua, and the Thompson Industrial Services team is excited about where Joshua’s leadership will take them in the future.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In 2016, Joshua Chambers became the new president and CEO of Thompson Industrial Services, following 20 years of experience in the global energy and industrial fields. When he took over the position, Joshua was looking forward to carrying on the efforts of Thompson Industrial Services’ founder, Greg Thompson, and the emphases on automation, safety, and integrity that he had instilled in the company. A year and a half into the position, the team at Thompson agrees that Joshua has been successful in maintaining Greg Thompson’s vision as well as guiding the company toward new efforts to develop and perfect powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly technologies.

Joshua Chambers has encouraged the employees at Thompson Industrial Services, from the top leadership to every technician that is entrusted with their clients’ equipment, to adopt the motto “Be safe, be good, be great.” This motto summarizes the goals of the company’s chemical cleaning, safe excavation, dry ice cleaning, hydroblasting, and other divisions each time they travel to a client’s facility, assess the needs and challenges of a cleaning task, and execute a plan. A large component of the commitment to safety and greatness is the company’s increasing implementation of automated equipment across its hydroblasting, chemical cleaning, and inspection services. Automated solutions have allowed Thompson’s teams to slash facility downtime for many of its largest clients, as well as creating low-cost solutions for cleaning challenges that were previously physically or financially impossible.

Integrity, a key value for Thompson Industrial Services since its founding, is also important to Joshua Chambers at every level of the company’s operation. It is reflected in the creation of multiple detailed performance reports during and after cleaning projects conducted for clients, giving them a clear picture of exactly how Thompson’s work has benefitted the client’s production and bottom line. However, integrity also leads to small yet meaningful efforts on the part of every member of Thompson’s teams. Clients frequently note the lack of debris left behind by Thompson’s teams at their site, and they often express their surprise at the levels of knowledge and professionalism displayed by every technician on the team that worked on their equipment. This is the core of the motto’s “Be good:” to practice the highest standards in ethics and integrity on every job.

The motto’s conclusion, “Be great,” encompasses Thompson’s goal to exceed expectations for every client. Each time technicians cut downtime for a routine maintenance task, achieve a more thorough cleaning than a piece of equipment has ever experienced, or solve a problem that was previously considered nearly impossible, they reflect the company’s drive to “be great.”

Joshua Chambers and the entire Thompson Industrial Services team are looking forward to many more years of safe, good, and great service for the company’s industrial clients throughout the United States and beyond. To learn more about Thompson Industrial Services and its commitment to earth-friendly, efficiency-building innovation, visit the corporate website at