Hydroblaster Techniques and Applications


At Thompson Industrial Services, hydroblaster cleaning is one of the core elements of our service.

    Harnessing the power of high pressure water is a fantastic way to efficiently remove debris buildup without exposing equipment to corrosive chemicals or the negative effects of physical debris removal methods. It produces no sparks/fire hazard, and cleanup after the job, if required at all, is extremely quick and easy. Ultra high pressure hydroblasting can even accomplish metal and concrete cutting with the same safety and low profile. Here are some of the techniques and applications that we use to perform difficult cleaning jobs more quickly, thoroughly, and safely than ever before.

    Hydroblaster Solutions for Your Equipment

    • Tanks and digesters. Removing debris from the interior of tanks, digesters, and similar large vessels has always presented serious challenges and safety risks for industrial cleaning technicians. Our automated hydroblaster systems have revolutionized tank cleaning across the industry.
    • Boilers and boiler tubes. Hydroblasting reduces downtime for boilers during cleaning when compared with other methods, sometimes allowing units to remain online during the process.
      Used oil and drainage lines. Cleaning inside pipes, lines, and other confined spaces is made easy with our hydroblaster solutions. Specialized nozzles perform incredibly thorough cleaning of even the toughest debris deposits.
    • Surface cleaning. Hydroblasting with water pressures of over 10,000 PSI accomplishes surface cleaning and preparation without the vibrations, surface damage, and heat increase of other methods.

    Please call us to discuss how hydroblasting can meet your facility’s cleaning or surface preparation needs. Our experts are ready to schedule an appointment with you!

    Our Hydroblaster Tools

    The tools that we use in hydroblasting are state-of-the-art, and many were designed and developed by our company’s research and development team in close partnerships with the technicians that work in the field.

    • 10,000 to 40,000 PSI. Our wide range of high-pressure hydroblasting power maximizes the scope of the projects that we can tackle, from sensitive surface treatment to concrete cutting.
    • Automated Equipment. Our remotely controlled tools are constantly being improved and added to as technology progresses. Automated positioners and similar tools, connected with stiff and flex lances, benefit our clients greatly by cleaning difficult areas in a fraction of the time that competing methods require.
    • Big Pumps. Our two largest hydroblaster tools, the “Big Pumps,” are capable of 10,000 PSI and 1,200 GPM each. The immense power behind these pumps, when combined with highly advanced robotic handling applications, can clean very large pieces of equipment and remove extremely tough deposits in short order.

    Hydroblaster Training

    The power represented by our hydroblasting tools requires extensive training for the technicians who handle them. Our “waterblasting college” is an important part of our program, giving new employees not only the knowledge, but the many hours of hands-on experience that they need to become intimately familiar with the abilities and safety requirements of our equipment. Our clients have learned that when a technician from Thompson Industrial Services arrives at their facility, they are fully trained and can be trusted to do the job right.

    Email us or call to talk about your project. We look forward to telling you more about our hydroblaster and other industry-leading cleaning services.

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