Hydroblast Cleaning


Over the decades, Thompson Industrial Services has pushed hydroblast technology forward with tireless research, creativity, and a team approach that combines the knowledge of all of our employees.

    This technology gives our technicians the ability to serve our industrial cleaning clients with levels of speed, safety, and thoroughness that are unprecedented and unmatched in our field.

    Hydroblast Applications

    Our varied hydroblasting approaches provide from 10,000 up to 40,000 PSI of water pressure to accomplish a wide variety of cleaning needs. Some of our common applications include:

    • Boilers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Condensers
    • Process lines

    Ultra-high pressure hydroblasting is also ideal for cutting concrete and metal in environments in which sparks, heat, or excessive dust production are unacceptable.

    Standard Hydroblasting

    In our standard services, our highly trained technicians use strict safety protocols to clean equipment using hose and shotgun techniques. Technicians undergo extensive programs in both technical and hands-on training with manual hydroblast cleaning tools before putting their skills to work on clients’ equipment, ensuring expert work on every job.

    Automated Hydroblasting

    The automated hydroblast solutions that our in-house research and development department devises represent the future of industrial cleaning. Most importantly, automated approaches to cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, digesters, and other complex equipment have the benefit of removing human technicians from harm’s way while they control 3-D tools, positioners, and stiff/flex lances remotely. In addition, using robotics often means that a piece of equipment must go offline only briefly for cleaning—or can even remain online throughout the process, saving thousands of dollars in lost production.

    Precision hydroblasting is ideal for many tough cleaning jobs—call or email us today to schedule an appointment.

    Technical Details

    From precision lancing to ultra-high-pressure applications for steel and concrete cutting, our hydroblast services are always supported by intensive employee training, rigorous safety protocols, and a full working knowledge of the equipment or surface under consideration. Here are a few details on several of our high quality hydroblasting services:

    Two Lance Tube Cleaner

    • This automated cleaning solution is extremely portable, with a modular design that allows for quick setup and removal on site.
    • Operated by remote control, keeping technicians safe and minimizing downtime requirements for equipment cleaning
    • Two flex hose design is extremely efficient, accelerating the cleaning and reducing maintenance downtime even further

    Rotary Pipe Cleaning

    • The AutoBox ABX-500 is a hose handling system that takes the equipment out of the hands of human operators.
    • Manipulates rotary jetting tools easily, giving remote control operators ability to clean pipes thoroughly, quickly, and safely
    • Incredible flexibility: feed rate adjustment and hose coupling capability make this a great automated application for a range of different cleaning needs.
    • Remote Shotgunning and Other Tools

    Our remote shotgunning and other specialized automated solutions are flexible enough to accommodate cleaning needs that were previously extremely time-consuming, expensive, and hazardous.

    Hydroblast Expertise Available

    Our hydroblast technicians work closely with the client to determine the best approach for each cleaning or cutting job. Our solutions regularly cut expenses and increase efficiency by dramatic margins when compared with previous methods. Please get in touch with us by phone or email today to learn more about how these advanced hydroblast techniques can benefit your facility.

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