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Three Reasons to Select Our Boiler Chemical Cleaning Experts

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Boiler chemical cleaning is not a task that should be entrusted to a service provider that is still in the early learning stages, does not have depth to cover multiple projects at once, or that has less than a stellar reputation with past clients. A lot can go wrong during a chemical cleaning, and the consequences of that can ultimately be extraordinarily expensive, devastating to process equipment, and potentially hazardous to all the employees in the immediate proximity. If you are in the process of choosing a company to provide boiler chemical cleaning services, or perhaps looking to switch from a provider that has not quite inspired your confidence, we would like to point out three great reasons to confidently depend on Thompson for your needs. 1. Decades of Boiler Chemical Cleaning Experience The longer a team has worked in this industry, the more unusual, unique, and at times potentially dangerous situations it has encountered to prepare the team for future projects.  For decades, Thompson Industrial Services has cultivated a national reputation for excellence in the specific field of boiler chemical cleaning from super critical units to package boilers. Our boiler cleaning division cleans, on average, one boiler every five days—that experience adds up over the years! That’s the level of knowledge that our team brings to your facility when you entrust your cleaning job to us. Our chemical handling and blending equipment is custom designed, and we analyze in-progress samples on site with our mobile labs in order to save time during each boiler chemical cleaning job. Our culture of safety includes researching and handling cleaning chemicals with the attention, carefulness, and skill they demand. We understand the destructive potential of the acids, additives, and other solutions that we introduce to your equipment during a cleaning, and we take every precaution necessary to ensure that operational deposits and other impurities are removed to the client’s satisfaction without damaging the equipment itself. In the interest of maximizing effectiveness and safety, our experts always design a customized cleaning process for each client and application. 2. Client Testimonials 

We greatly value the feedback of our satisfied clients. We believe that the comments of an on-site manager or supervisor are worth far more to a potential client than our own claims of expertise, so we are very appreciative whenever a client takes the time to write and tell us about specific ways that our personnel helped their company. There are a few things that we hear consistently from those routinely satisfied clients:


  • The boiler chemical cleanings performed by Thompson Industrial Services were more complete and comprehensive than those done in the past by other providers.
  • Thompson’s team was “invisible” at the job site during the cleaning—that is, they interrupted the plant’s operations as minimally as possible.
  • Clients were surprised by the level of knowledge that our team inherently had. Instead of walking our professionals through the process and job scope, managers are able to essentially take a near “hands-off” approach and let our experts do their work.
  • Our teams work efficiently and quickly! On a regular basis, we shorten traditionally lengthy cleaning jobs by hours or even days.

3. Foundation of Excellence The high standards of Thompson’s boiler chemical cleaning division are not unique within our company—they are representative of the hydroblasting, cryogenic cleaning, vacuum excavation, and other divisions as well. We are committed to the best possible safety and efficiency practices, and have been since our company’s founding thirty years ago. Recently, an industry newsletter for the pulp and paper industry published an article introducing readers to the Thompson Industrial Services’ headquarters in Sumter, SC. You can read the whole article on the TAPPI website and also get a glimpse inside the restored historical building where we meet every morning to discuss the day’s projects.Our family atmosphere, unrelenting pursuit of higher quality of service, and emphasis on safety are the driving forces behind the specific benefits of our boiler chemical cleaning service. We place the highest possible value on the safety of our employees, and we consider it our duty to protect the employees and equipment of our clients as well. If those sound like qualities that you would like to see in the teams that work in your plant, we look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming boiler chemical cleaning needs.


Our President, Greg Thompson, and Vice President, Larry Rocco at our Sumter, SC company headquarters



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