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Thompson Industrial Services Relocates LaPorte, TX Facility

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SUMMARY: Thompson Industrial Services has relocated its regional office in LaPorte, Texas to a larger facility, which provides additional opportunity for housing equipment, hosting client meetings, and conducting other activities essential to serving customers throughout the Gulf coast region. Headquartered in South Carolina, Thompson operates several regional offices along the Gulf coast, focused on serving the oil and gas industry with a wide range of plant life cycle services. The new LaPorte office will serve a new, expanded role in providing these services, as the base of operations for tank cleaning, vapor recovery unit, and automated hydroblasting teams.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thompson Industrial Services’ LaPorte, Texas office has completed a relocation to a new, larger facility with increased potential for serving clients in its Texas and Louisiana Gulf coast service areas. The office and warehouse at the new location each measure over 3,000 square feet in area, with a fenced-in lay down yard offering over 35,000 square feet of equipment storage. Thompson will use this additional space to house hydroblasting, tank cleaningwet and dry vacuuming, vapor recovery equipment and other units for quick, convenient deployment to client plants in the region.

In the office area of the new facility, technology upgrades and enhanced meeting spaces make it easier for Thompson Industrial Services to conduct both internal and client-facing events, whether in-person or by way of virtual conferencing. The greater opportunities for sales meetings, in-depth communication with clients in the region, and long-range strategic planning will play a large part in Thompson’s ongoing expansion in the Houston, TX region.

Thompson Industrial Services Relocates LaPorte, TX Facility

Clients managing oil and gas or other industrial facilities in the region will find Thompson Industrial Services ready to provide turnkey solutions throughout the life cycle of a refinery, power generation, or other industrial plant from the LaPorte base of operations. Thompson’s expert teams and equipment specialize in degassing, EPIC™ Off-line HRSG cleaningautomated hydroblastingvacuuming, and many other specialty services, all backed up by many decades of combined experience on the part of project managers and technicians. Thompson’s services are supported by highly advanced technologies, many of which make it possible to provide fully automated service with a wide range of cost and safety benefits for clients, their employees, and their equipment.

Thompson Industrial Services has a long history of proven success working with clients in the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries such as steel, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, coal, nuclear and combined cycle power generation and more. Their complete life cycle services include pre-commissioning cleaning, daily support, turnarounds and decommissioning service, as well as emergency help with wet and dry vacuuming, hydrocutting in hazardous environments, and other sensitive processes. The Thompson team based at the LaPorte, Texas facility is ideally located to apply these powerful services at industrial facilities in the surrounding region, achieving significant cost savings through the use of automation and making critical industrial services safer than ever before. Thompson also offers industrial drone inspection, dry ice blasting, sponge blasting, combustible dust remediation, and other specialized services that minimize interruption to plant operations while accomplishing more thorough results than competing methods.


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