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Improving Safety with High Pressure Water Blasting

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Any company worth working for places a high value on employee safety. In industrial settings, there are multiple serious threats to that safety on a daily basis that must be taken seriously. Cleaning equipment can always be a particularly hazardous task. Reducing the exposure to those hazards through engineering, automation, and knowledge promotes Thompson Industrial Services as an industry leader.Difficult Problem: Solved

The management of a paper mill was searching for a safe, effective cleaning solution for a large piece of equipment. Removing corrosive buildup using normal methods exposed employees to dangerous chemicals, no matter how careful they were to protect their skin. After our experts took a look at the situation, they determined that the best solution was a safer, more automated one. This process removed the majority of hazards through engineering measures. As an added benefit, our experienced and very knowledgeable Operations Specialists were able to provide a safe, efficient, and economical solution, which also reduced the owner’s downtime by 30%.

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These dramatic benefits are the result of superior personnel. We make sure that both the volume and pressure of our equipment are sufficient for the job, and our experts bring unparalleled skill and knowledge to their job. We’ve also reengineered the details of our tools for the best possible performance, right down to nozzles that boast high efficiency blasting.

 What’s Your Blasting Need?Meeting with plant, mill, and factory management to design specific cleaning solutions is what we do. Our years of experience with dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning, and high pressure water blasting put us in the perfect position to meet your cleaning needs in the most effective, efficient way possible while keeping your employees safe. Call us today to find out how we can help!


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